Rewrite the Stars

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  • Published: 22 Jan 2018
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For thousands of years…there had been a prophecy spoken between villages and passed down from generation to generation.

I do not own any of the characters but the storyline is my original storyline.
The characters belong to ABC


9. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

            Regina Mills hears people in the hallway gathering outside the library. She tucks the journal into a drawer in her desk and stands up, smooths out her black dress and breathes before opening the door. She pulls the door open and her hands fall to her side, her eyes grow in surprise and she shakes her head. Her mind races with thoughts. Finally, Regina walks out into the hallway and grasps the hands of each of the people standing there.

            First, it’s a short pale skinned girl with short black hair and green eyes. Her lips are as red as blood and skin as pale as Snow. Regina takes her hands and says.

“Are you Snow? I saw you in my dreams.” Snow White nods and Regina gives her a hug. Regina moves on to a little boy with curly brown hair and blue eyes. She bends down and takes his tiny hand in hers and looks into his eyes and says.

“You must be Roland. I remember you from when the dreams first started.” Roland wraps his arms around Regina’s neck and says.

“I love you Regina.” Regina smiles and says. “I don’t remember you but already I can tell that I love you Roland.” Regina stands and comes face to face with Henry. Without even staring at him she already knows that’s who he is.

“Henry?” Henry wraps his arms around her and whispers. “Don’t worry Mom I’ll make you remember.” Regina smiles and moves on. She comes face to face with a red headed woman holding a little girl in her arms. The woman has turquoise blue eyes and freckled skin.

“Zelena, my sister. You’re dead here though and Rose my niece, by Robin. You had Rose but by another man. Zelena.” Zelena cries and Regina wraps her arms around her sister. At least it’s one person she really does know in this world. Lastly Regina comes face to face with Emma. She smiles at Emma and takes Emma’s hand.

“You’re Henry’s birth mother?” Emma smiles and says.

“Hi!” Regina doesn’t say anything she just moves on to Robin and Archer. Archer reaches for Regina and Regina gathers the girl into her arms. Robin bends down and whispers.

“Her birthday is in two days. I’m hoping you’ll spend time with her.” Regina nods and holds Archer and says.

“I don’t remember you at all. I wish I did. This must be hard for all of you. It’s the first time in nearly two years that you’re seeing me. Who else is here?” Robin speaks and replies with the names of Charming, Killian, Neal, Granny, Ruby and Emma’s daughter Leia. Rose reaches for her aunt but Zelena turns her away. The toddler sulks as Regina takes Archer up the stairs and into Princess Laura’s old nursery. The nursery she never got to sleep in.

            As Regina leaves she hears Archer’s voice “Mama!” and turns around to find Archer standing up crying and reaching for her. Regina picks the girl up into her arms and says.

“This must be hard for you. I’m going to try my best and for now pretend that I know all of you even when I don’t.” Regina puts Archer back down and leaves the room.

            Regina changes into a nice blue dress with simple ornaments and only one petticoat and two layers. Regina walks into the dining hall and finds all the adults eating with the exception of Henry and Roland not being adults. She sits down at the head and addresses Snow.

“Where are Neal and Rose and Leia?” Snow shrugs her shoulders and Emma answers.

“They’re all in the royal garden. Killian’s watching them. He’s a good father. He’s a good supervisor.” Regina nods and just stares at them all throughout the meal with an empty look in her eye and a feeling of sadness. Towards the end of the meal she addresses Robin.

“I want to have a royal party, for Archer’s second birthday. I’ll issue the invitations tonight. To the residents of this Storybrooke. I’ll also tell my subjects what’s going on. Snow will you help me?”

“Of course, Regina, anything.”

“Snow, was I the evil queen?”

“Why do you say that Regina? You don’t remember do you?”
“No, I don’t. Just my dreams. I haven’t only dreamt of Storybrooke, I’ve dreamt of killing millions. Did I?” No one at the table utters a word. Regina looks at Henry and sits back when his eyes give away the answer.

“I did. Whatever I did I’m sorry. Can I redeem myself?” Snow touches her stepmother’s arm and says.

“You already have. You had a long time ago.” Regina smiles and digs back into her dinner. 

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