Rewrite the Stars

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  • Published: 22 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 26 Jan 2018
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For thousands of years…there had been a prophecy spoken between villages and passed down from generation to generation.

I do not own any of the characters but the storyline is my original storyline.
The characters belong to ABC


3. Chapter One


Chapter One

Regina Mills sits on her throne, all decked out in her full black attire. Black dress with black diamonds, a black crown made of black gold and more black diamonds sits on her long black hair. Black lipstick stains her lips, black eyeshadow covers her eyes. Black polish on her nails and a black gold ring on her finger. Her purple amulet sits on her neck. Her piercing brown eyes stare into the abyss as she sits on her throne. Her late husband Leopold’s throne no less.

            Regina is lost deep in concentration, she’s lost in her own thoughts. A single tear runs out of the edge of her eye. Her heart has been hardened. But still, she cries. She’s felt pain in her short life. Only twenty-two and already has been too exposed. Now, sitting poised upon her royal throne; as queen of Enchantria and Nova; she cries.  

            That night, Regina sleeps. Feeling alone and empty she gets up and paces the floors of her empty castle. No husband and no children. Why can’t the queen sleep? Because her mind is full of memories she knows can’t possibly be her own. Memories of a man dressed in a hood, carrying a bow with arrows in his quiver. She dreams of a little boy dressed in a suit, he has curly hair and the bluest eyes. Then another boy, taller. He also has blue eyes. Then she dreams of a little girl, a little girl she’s holding in her arms. A little girl with purple eyes and black hair and a little smile. Seeing the children sends Regina into a fit of tears. For Regina will never be a mother.


            A heavily pregnant Regina Mills stands in front of her full-length mirror and she attempts to braid her hair. Her fingers weave the sections and finally finish off with a lovely blue ribbon. Regina smooths down her blue dress with cream colored silk underneath. Regina smiles and says.

“I’m missing something. What could it possibly be?”

“How about this?” Regina smiles at her husband Graham places the diamond necklace on his wife’s neck and he kisses her cheek.

“You never did tell me where you got it.” Regina smiles and says.

“The king of Erador, King Daniel. He and I were married for about two seconds before he was shot by an arrow, instantly killing him.” Graham kisses Regina’s lips and says.

“I’m sorry my love. At least you kept his kingdom. For our son.” Regina smiles and replies.

“How do you know it’s going to be a son?” Graham places a hand on his wife’s belly and says.

“I just know.” Regina puts her hand over Graham’s and stares into his blue eyes. Eyes that are full of pain and anger. Eyes that show a glint of love.

“Graham, our son will rule over Erador because of Daniel’s death, over Enova because of Leopold’s death, over Enchantria because of Jefferson’s death and over the Northern Kingdom because I married you.” Graham has a sheepish grin and he goes to tease his wife.

“Did you marry all those kings so you could have their land?”

“No, I married them because I loved them. I’m sorry the universe just didn’t love me back.”

“Why didn’t you use magic?” Regina sighs and says.

“There are three laws of magic. No time travel, no falling in love and no raising the dead.” Regina stands on tiptoes and kisses her husband. When he’s gone she stares at herself in the mirror and cries. The bitter sting of suffering loss pains her.

            A searing pain rips through her abdomen and she doubles over. She feels the water trickle down her leg and sees blood when she lifts up her skirts. Regina hobbles over to the bed and calls out for Graham weakly.

“Graham! Something’s wrong. Graham!”

*End of Flashback*

            Regina sits on her throne and places her hand over her navel. She gave birth to a daughter that day. A little girl with blue eyes and raven hair. Looking almost identical to the baby in her dreams. But not long after the princess was born she suffered oxygen loss and died. Princess Laura will forever be in her mother’s heart.

            Regina remembers that day all too well. Afterwards, when Laura was taken away she recounted all the people she had lost. She ended up tossing around a few fireballs and crushed three hearts of the guards’. King Daniel of Erador was first, King Leopold of Enova was next, King Jefferson of Enchantria was last. Then she married Graham and when he died, she inherited the Northern Kingdom.



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