Rewrite the Stars

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  • Published: 22 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 26 Jan 2018
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For thousands of years…there had been a prophecy spoken between villages and passed down from generation to generation.

I do not own any of the characters but the storyline is my original storyline.
The characters belong to ABC


6. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


            Robin takes the book from Henry and then turns to his stepson and says.

“Show me what she’s doing now.” Henry turns the book to the back where a mirror is located. Robin watches as Regina sits down for dinner by herself. Robin takes a few moments and frantically looks through all the pages and sees nothing but sorrow.

“Henry, how do I get here? How do I get to my wife? How do I bring your mother back?”

            Henry thinks for a few moments before replying.

“I was in the library yesterday before I had to watch Leia, Belle left a book. The book states that three magical beings must be used to create a portal and then you have to take the object with you that sent her there. That means you have to get Emma and Zelena to help you, as for the third magical being, that’s Archer. And you’ll have to take Archer with you.”

“Alright. I’m going to get the kids ready. You get your mom and your aunt. We meet at Granny’s in two hours. We’re going to bring your mother back Henry. Regina is going to come home.”

            Henry gives a big smile and then starts throwing materials into his backpack. Robin Hood goes into the bedroom that he once shared with Regina and starts packing a bag. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be there. He knows all magic comes with a price. Nothing can be worse than losing his wife.

            Robin takes his magical satchel and packs one of Regina’s mayor outfits into it. He gets Archer a few of her fancy dresses and gets his royal uniform that he used in Oz. He grabs his quiver and his arrows. He grabs his hood and his dagger. He grabs Archer’s silver binkie and puts it in his bag. He slings his satchel over his shoulder and shuts his bedroom door behind him.

            Robin gets Roland and tells him everything.

“Roland, I’m going to find Regina. It’s been nearly two years, that’s long enough for this town to go without a mayor. Long enough for this family to go without a mother. Regina didn’t get to see Archer grow. Didn’t see her first steps and didn’t hear her first word. When I’m gone I want you to help Zelena take care of Rose. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Papa.” Robin kisses his son’s head and Roland wraps his arms around his father. Robin leaves Roland’s room and goes into Rose’s room. He wakes her up and carries her on his hip. Then he goes into Archer’s room and puts her into her carrier.

            At Granny’s, Zelena and Emma are listening to Henry’s instructions and Robin are waiting patiently with Archer in his arms.

“Robin, I found another way. We just need Emma and Zelena to activate the lamp. To wake the Genie. Then you can go. You’ll have three wishes. Wish to get there, wish for her memories and wish to get back. You can contact us through the magic mirror.” Henry hands his stepfather an enchanted mirror. Rose runs to a seat and watches. She says goodbye to her father with a weak little wave. Emma hands Leia off to Killian.

            Emma nods to Zelena and Zelena nods back. They focus their magic on the lamp that Henry fetches from his backpack. Zelena hands the restored lamp to Robin and Robin makes a wish.

“I wish for the Genie of the Lamp to take me, Robin Hood, and my daughter, Archer, to Regina Mills.”

“Wish granted.”

            Robin holds onto his daughter and waves goodbye as Granny’s slowly vanishes. Robin reappears on the steps of a palace. Guards stand watch and Robin sneaks around back. He changes Archer into a proper dress and wishes for himself to be king. He’s broken the wishes but he can’t restore Regina’s life if he can’t get in. He’ll find a third way. With Robin Hood dressed as king, he calls Henry on the mirror and lies.

“The wish didn’t work. She wants you all to come here. She wants to start a new life, with new memories.” Henry pales and vanishes. He returns shortly saying.

“Give us a week to prepare. If it saves Mom, I’ll do anything. The people might like a new start in a new realm. Leave Storybrooke behind. Everyone wants to go back anyway. It’s a good idea.”

            Robin Hood smiles and gets into his carriage with his daughter in his arms. The royal attendants drive up to the palace and Robin Hood is assisted out.

“Hear ye! Hear ye! All Hail King Robin of Locksley from Sherwood and his daughter Her Royal Highness Princess Archer Mareigh!”

            The royal doors are opened and Robin finds himself staring at portraits of his beloved wife with different kings, with that same sad look in her eye. The look of unhappiness and his heart sinks. Regina doesn’t remember and he’s afraid she never will. Baby Archer begins making noise and he looks down and rocks her.

“It’s okay Arch, you’ll restore Mom’s memories, won’t you?

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