Rewrite the Stars

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  • Published: 22 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 26 Jan 2018
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For thousands of years…there had been a prophecy spoken between villages and passed down from generation to generation.

I do not own any of the characters but the storyline is my original storyline.
The characters belong to ABC


7. Chapter Five

Chapter Five

The Other Realm

            Regina Mills sits on her throne after dinner enjoying a glass of wine for dessert. All she ever does is sit on her throne and stare off into space. Tonight, like most nights, she decides to get a little work done. She finishes her glass of wine and leaves her throne room, opting instead to occupy her time in her royal study, trying to get a few piles of paperwork done. Regina perches her glasses on her face and dips the feather quill into the ink. She finishes reading the new law and gets ready to sign a law uniting the four kingdoms under her rule. The kingdoms have been divided for eons and now they’ve sorted out some sort of agreement. This makes Regina genuinely smile because it proves she’s a good queen.

            Regina reads and signs three treaties, passes four laws and issues seven decrees before deciding it’s time to retire for the night. That’s when she heard the royal trumpets and heard the name issued.

“Here ye! Here ye! All Hail King Robin of Locksley from Sherwood and his daughter Her Royal Highness Princess Archer Mareigh!”

            Regina’s surprised for she wasn’t expecting any kings. Maybe King Robin just popped by for a visit. Regina gathers her things and apparates into her royal bedroom. She quickly lights the fireplace with a fireball and lights the candles and torches in the entire palace with a wave of her hand. In a cloud of purple smoke, she soon stands in front of her mirror wearing black leather pants with a maroon velvet overcoat that has a high black collar. Regina pulls on her black boots and tops her head with a beautiful hat finished off with a black feather.

            The queen descends the stairs and clears her throat when she sees the king in a green and gold uniform wearing a simple golden crown upon his head. Regina clears her throat and the king turns around. Regina instantly recognizes him as Robin from her dream and is scared to even utter his name.

“Robin?” The king’s eyes grow wide as he steps closer to Regina but she backs away. She sees the baby girl in his arms wearing a beautiful purple dress with frills and layers of tulle and lace.
“Archer?” The little girl reaches for Regina and the queen backs away. It’s Robin who speaks next.

“Regina do you remember who I am?” Regina shakes her head no and Robin’s heart sinks. Regina speaks.

“I’ve seen you in my dreams. Tell me is this other place real?”
“Yes, you’re the mayor. Don’t worry; they’re going to come here.”

“I can’t remember.”

“True love’s kiss will break any curse.”

“But who loves me and who do I love?” Robin leans in for a kiss but Regina backs away and gathers a fireball into her hand to defend herself from his trickery.

“Who’s that you’re holding?” Archer squirms in her father’s arms and stares at Regina.

“Mama?” Regina backs away in fright.

“Lions, take the king and his daughter to their chambers.” A guard clad in fully black armor comes forward and speaks.

“What room your majesty?”

“The gold and red room.” The guard bows and directs Robin and Archer towards the grand staircase. Regina turns heel and vanishes into her library, she pulls her journal out of her desk and proceeds to write a new entry. She’s in pain because she wants to remember but she can’t. The king and his daughter seemed to step out of her dreams. Archer even had the purple eyes and raven hair and Robin…well he looks just like the man from her dreams. Too bad it’s not real. It’s just a coincidence.


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