Stripper Boy - Larry Stylinson

Harry smirked at the smaller boy, eyeing the way he crossed his left leg over his right. How proper he sat. His feminine posture. Louis glared at him, wondering why the curly-haired man was taking so long to get down to business.

"How much for the whole night?" Harry asked in a monotone dominant voice.

Louis cocked an eye brow, "Stay here? The entire night?" The stripper smirked. "You couldn't afford it."

"Try me." Harry said, his eyes narrowing.


2. Prologue - Stripper Boy, by LarryIsStillTheOne


"Loueh?" Zayn called from the back.

"Oi?" Louis answered, changing into his work clothes. Which was not much, to be very honest. The most Louis wore was something to cover his crotch and ass (barely), and some thigh-highs with heels that were comfortable to dance in.

"You're on in ten, we open in five." Zayn said, retreating to the back to get the bar set up. Zayn was Louis' agent/boss. It was thanks to Zayn that Louis was as big as he was. But a lot of the work came from Louis himself. The men were all attracted to Louis' lithe body and his ass. Louis had an ass to die for, it was rounded perfectly and no matter what he wore, it was always looking good.

He locked his bag in his locker and turned swiftly on his heel, heading out to the stage. The cage was already put in place, Louis danced inside there most nights. Other nights, he'd dance straight on the bar and have the other men pour liquor on his sweet body. He walked up the steps, closes the door to the cage and locked it. The equipment was heavy duty, because men would do anything to get close to Louis. Even the unthinkable.

"5 minutes!" Zayn called.

"Got it, Z." Louis replied and slipped in his mix-tape. Track one was Roc Me Out by Rihanna. It had a slight daddy kink to it, just like Louis. The dancer never admitted it, but one day he wanted to quit stripping and find himself a dom who not only wanted his body but his heart too. He wanted to be kissed and caressed and called a pretty boy. He wanted to be nailed into a mattress, but also told how sweet his skin tasted. He wanted a man that would care for him, and who he could care for in return. He was tired of the sexual relationships he had with everyone. He wanted the real thing. But all everyone ever saw him as.... was a stripper.

People started piling in and Louis took his cue to begin. He pressed play and took his position on one of the poles in the cage. 


A / N: Welcome to Stripper Boy ! The next chapter will hopefully be available soon. I just got through with exams and what not, so I will be having more time on my hands now ! 

  - Amanda xxx 

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