Perfect Pitch (A Pitch Perfect/One Direction FanFic)

The group of Second Direction and One Direction have come together to be in a fanfic along the lines of Pitch Perfect 1-3. The story is about Kaylie the original leader of Second Direction going to Barden University for college. But she's a year late due to her solo tour. Join Kaylie and the rest of Second Direction and One Direction in Perfect Pitch. This is before One Direction and Second Direction.


5. Chapter 5: Hood Night

Kaylies POV:

I love Louis room he has his football jersey from when he played. I then pull out my laptop and he walks me over to his bed I do a few mash-ups. We then sing together we never knew how much our voices harmonized at a perfect pitch. After I put my laptop away I started talking about my life and he started talking about his. Then a few minutes later my phone went off. It was a text from Beca asking "Are you gonna come to hood night?" I ask Louis "What is Hood Night?"

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