Perfect Pitch (A Pitch Perfect/One Direction FanFic)

The group of Second Direction and One Direction have come together to be in a fanfic along the lines of Pitch Perfect 1-3. The story is about Kaylie the original leader of Second Direction going to Barden University for college. But she's a year late due to her solo tour. Join Kaylie and the rest of Second Direction and One Direction in Perfect Pitch. This is before One Direction and Second Direction.


4. Chapter 4: Initiation

Kaylie's POV:

I text Luke and let him know that he will have to contact someone else cause I'm in the Barden Bella's and it's initiation time. Then after I turn my phone of something covers my face and I'm dragged somewhere. I kinda had a hunch it was Beca but I didn't know until I was forced to sit down. Then I see a bright light it took awhile for my eyes to adjust I then hear "Welcome To The Bella's!" I say "Oh thanks I was thinking this was going on but I didn't know."

Becas POV:

"Yep surprise here's your scarf it's what we call it and you are gonna be the helper with me and remixes and stuff is that ok." Kaylie replies with a little sadness in her voice "Yeah I can do that?" "Alrighty then come on let's go to hoodnight and party." I then see a little smile form on her face. Everyone starts walking out I then tap Kaylie on the shoulder and ask "What's wrong?"

Kaylie's POV:

"What's wrong?" Beca asks. "It's nothing." "Bullcrap it's nothing c'mon tell me." I then tell her "When I was talking to Louis I felt a spark between us but I know we can't be together because that's the rules of being a Bella." Beca says "Oh we don't follow that rule anymore I'm with Jesse so you go be with Louis I ain't stopping you." I look at her and give her a hug thanks. I then run to my dorm and grab my laptop and portable charger because I want to work on my remixes or mashups for some family memories thing. I start walking into the TrebleMakers dorm house and run into Louis. I idmeddiatly realize that I'm blushing because I hear Louis say in his cute accent "Awe your blushing over me that's adorable." I look at him and say "Thanks and is there somewhere I could go to work on some mashups."

Louis POV:

I look at her beautiful face and say "You do that kind of stuff I always thought that was Becas thing." She responds "Well it's my thing too so do you have somewhere to go or not." I think about my room then I just took her up there she loved everything I had she even noticed my Doncaster uniform from when I played football (Soccer).

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