Perfect Pitch (A Pitch Perfect/One Direction FanFic)

The group of Second Direction and One Direction have come together to be in a fanfic along the lines of Pitch Perfect 1-3. The story is about Kaylie the original leader of Second Direction going to Barden University for college. But she's a year late due to her solo tour. Join Kaylie and the rest of Second Direction and One Direction in Perfect Pitch. This is before One Direction and Second Direction.


3. Chapter 3: Decision

Kaylie's POV:

It took them awhile to let me know if I had made it into any of the groups. A bunch of other girls found out they didn't make it. But a lot of the boys that auditioned made it. While I was waiting I got a text from Luke (the guy who ran the radio station) "Can you come in tonight and play your music I have a party to go to unless you wanna come?" I reply "As soon as I find out if I made it into an Acappela group I'll let you know." Luke replies "Ok but I never had you pegged as an Acappela girl." I look at the text and smile then a guy from the TrebleMakers came over. I didn't know who he was until he said "Are you worried about the Bella's?" I look at him and say "No and who are you?"

Louis POV:

She looks at me and says "No and Who are you?" "Oh I forgot to introduce myself my name is Louis Tomlinson I'm from the TrebleMakers." She smiles and says "My name is Kaylie Brown and I'm waiting to find out if I made it into the TrebleMakers or the Bella's." Then I see Aubrey come over I get up she asks where was I going and I said "Well I don't think you made it into the TrebleMakers."

Kaylie's POV:

After Louis walked away I see Beca coming at me. She's finally in my face and said "We don't talk to the TrebleMakers at all until after initiation." Then she put something over my eyes so I couldn't see where we were going. The one thing I knew is I think I fell for Louis.

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