Perfect Pitch (A Pitch Perfect/One Direction FanFic)

The group of Second Direction and One Direction have come together to be in a fanfic along the lines of Pitch Perfect 1-3. The story is about Kaylie the original leader of Second Direction going to Barden University for college. But she's a year late due to her solo tour. Join Kaylie and the rest of Second Direction and One Direction in Perfect Pitch. This is before One Direction and Second Direction.


2. Chapter 2: Audition Day

Kaylie's POV:

Today is that day when I will audition to be in the Bella's or the TrebleMakers. I'm in my dorm-room waiting for the time to come when my phone goes off. It's at 10% battery so I quickly run around my room find my charger and plug it in. My dorm-room is a mess compared to anyone else's and I'm alone I don't have a person to share a dorm with. I then check the time I have 15 minutes till I have to go to auditions. So I then grab my iPod and put on favorite song Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus.

-14 minute Time Skip-

I look at my clock and see I only have a minute to get to auditions I quickly grab my phone and run to the auditorium. I made it just in time to fill out the sheet of information. I had to answer these questions

Full Name: Kaylie I Brown

Birthday: August 11, 1992

Year #: 1

Favorite Artist or Band: Miley Cyrus

Favorite Song: The Climb

I fill it out and hand it in when a guy comes out and talks about what are the rules and how they will pick us.

-5 minute Time Skip-

The leader of The TrebleMakers came out an told us what song we would be doing to audition. The song was Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson. I was ready but I was last so I had time to prepare.

-Time Skip Kaylie's Turn-

Beca's POV:

Everyone was ok but we still had one more and still none of them have been perfect for the Bella's and I'm thinking that for the TrebleMakers they haven't found who they are looking for. The next person walked out and introduced herself. "Hi I'm Kaylie and my hobbies are writing music and singing." She starts singing she has an amazing pitch. When she finished she walked of stage when I grab her paper and walk up to the boy that intruded them and saw Jesse handing in Kaylie's form too. We then realized we both need her.

A/N: Who will get Kaylie The TrebleMakers or the Bella's? Let me know in the comments below and plz tell me if you are enjoying this. Alright see you in the next chapter. 😘

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