Perfect Pitch (A Pitch Perfect/One Direction FanFic)

The group of Second Direction and One Direction have come together to be in a fanfic along the lines of Pitch Perfect 1-3. The story is about Kaylie the original leader of Second Direction going to Barden University for college. But she's a year late due to her solo tour. Join Kaylie and the rest of Second Direction and One Direction in Perfect Pitch. This is before One Direction and Second Direction.


1. Chapter 1: Introduction

Oh I didn't tell you who I am my name is Kaylie you might know me from Second Direction. My friends are already in the Barden Bella's because I missed the first year of college due to singing lessons and my own tour before Second Direction became a thing. The Barden Bella's if you didn't already know are an Acappela group at Barden University that have won many championships. The people that are in the Barden Bella's are Emily, Beca (Leader), Chloe, Jen, Alexis, Lilly, Cynthia Rose, Jessica, Ashley, and of course Fat Amy. My heart is set on being a Bella along with my friends but I found out that another group on campus needs a perfect voice that can match every note and that group is the TrebleMakers. The TrebleMakers is an all boy group which contains Jesse (Leader), Benji, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam. As you see I could change the history of the TrebleMakers by becoming the first girl in there group. I'm that girl that can hit a perfect pitch I always could growing up and still even now. But this is my story of how it all began before Second Direction and One Direction.

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