Our Nightmarish Passion

If your sensitive to self harm, sexual assault, sexual abuse, detailed and grotesque sex scenes. I'd advise not to read. If you're not then have fun? This is rated red for a reason!!!


3. {Part Two} The Little Things

I awoke to the stinging sensation of somebody biting my neck. Everything was still sore from the night before. Alex patiently waiting for me to wake up, like always. His breathing became frantic as he roughly and clumsily piled himself on top of me.

"Guess what?" He cooed into my ear while pinning my hands above my head firmly. I only respond with a light squirm.

"I'm having friends over today." He sighed into my ear, I can already feel his erection rub against my leg through his boxers. It's little things like that that kinda make me happy. Like the fact that he only loves me, in his own way. He continued, by now it seems like he is only talking to himself. It was pointless small talk. Until he mentioned 'home movies' I was confused at first but decided not to ask. He hates it when I question him. For a split second our eyes meet. His dark hazel eyes almost looking red, like he's the devil himself, which won't be surprising.

We sat there for a while, until I actually made the first move, I kissed him deeply. He jolted at the sudden contact, it had been forever since we both passionately kissed. We needed these little things. Comfortable mornings, the soft kisses we place on each other is enough. Alex seemed like he missed this too, his fingers laced through my hair and everything felt. What is it? 'Perfect' isn't the word. I believe it's 'Normal'. These things made me actually quite in the mood for sex. Only it's the soft and emotional kind. The kind that totally differs from Alex's 'needs'. We stayed there kissing for god knows how long. I was in bliss, and he was in bliss as well.

Alex wrapped his arms around me and sat up, placing me on his lap. A childish giggle left my lips. He leads my hands to his waist and I slowly ran my fingers along his cold spine. He lets out a low hum of satisfaction. I sit back softly, our eyes meeting again.

"God, you're fucking stunning" he mumbles under his breath, loud enough for me to hear. I couldn't help but kiss him. He bites onto my lower lip, not hard, but just enough. My arms making their way to his chest, my fingers lightly rubbing at his collarbone, neck then back around to his shoulder blades. He let out sighs and small moans of pleasurable affection.

Why do I love him?

Then the door knocked, somebody was at the door, I completely forgot about Alex's friends coming over. He then started rubbing at my back and thighs. He wanted to continue.

"A-Alex the door..." I whispered, my face flushed with a dark and embarrassing crimson.

"Let them come in. The door's unlocked after all" he smirked, surprisingly calm about this. While I'm here freaking out in an embarrassing, naked, and sexual state. I needed to pull something over myself but Alex held my arms behind my back. The door knocked again, this time Alex yells out.

"The door's unlocked! Come in!" God. I can't let anyone see me like this, especially when I'm covered with what Alex calls 'love scars'. The door opened and closed, out the corner of my eye I see three guys standing at the doorway. I panic and squirm in Alex's arms.

"This is too embarrassing" I whisper to Alex. His only response was a smile a sickening chuckle. Alex starts prodding and poking at the sensitive cuts and bruises along my back. Jolts of stinging pains ride up and down my spine. My face pathetically burrowed in the crook of his neck, embarrassed that whoever is at the door won't see my face. The television turned on in the other room, they probably left us alone to our privacy. I swear to god if any of them saw me I would. I don't know.

He continued rubbing my sensitive areas, technically forcing me to moan but I bite his neck, forcing myself not to let out my voice. His legs shifted under mine, his boxers slid off of him. His erection rubbed on my stomach. He lifted me up slightly. His member aligned at my entrance. I only shake my head and mumble out a pathetic 'no'. He slides me down. I cover my mouth, forcing myself to hold back the embarrassing voice boiling up in the back of my throat. God he was too good at normal vanilla sex. He slowly and gently bounces me on top of him, my body gradually gets hot, the slow and steady pace was agonizing, I wanted him to go faster, pleading him silently with my hips. He received the message and he let me go as fast as I pleased, he was busy playing with my wounds. He grabs my arms, the scars lining my arms somehow turns him on. He licks and sucks at the scars, some still not healed, he sucks those especially, his gaze never left mine.

The little things.

He pushed me onto my back, a soft 'oof' left me, his face nestled in the crook of my neck while he took dominance once again.

"Cum for me" he whispered in my ear sinisterly, "Cry out my name. Or are you scared they might hear?" His soothing voice against my neck was able to send me over my limit, I grabbed his hair and pulled him into a kiss, hoping to silence my moans. The tv still ran while the guys outside seemed to be casually talking. I fall limp, letting Alex ride out my high then he pulled out. He pushed himself off of me and stood up. I watched him get dressed. I curl up in the sheets, watching him walk out and leave it open.

"Sorry it took me a while. My Flower is sick" he explained to his questioning friends. One of them starred at my lying in the sheets, I starred back. Thank god I was under the covers before he opened the door. I wave silently, and he waves back.

Little things like that make me happy. Small acts of kindness. I close my burning eyes, the musky air always irritated them. I only listened to the guys talk. Every now and then I'll hear Alex talk about me, some good, others uncomfortable.

"I'm usually a freak with her. But she loves it."

"God. She's stunning with all the marks I leave on her."

"This is perfect. I don't want things to change."

This is kind of heartbreaking. Normally I love the small things we do together, something corny. But Alex is way into his methods that we have no time to do the things I love. I'm not loosing interest, but he just doesn't understand most of the times. Somebody asked if he could use the rest room, Alex told him to go ahead. Clicking of tennis shoes entered the room. I open one of my eyes to stare at the guy that I waved at a while earlier. He pulled the covers up slightly, I let him, not wanting to move, I was too sore. I just saw his eyes widen at the number of scars and bruises Alex left on me.

"He's rough." I remark, smiling. The guy seemed to have a concerned and serious look on his face. He left the room, closing the door behind him. I cover my face with my arms and I sigh into them. I fall asleep, feeling content for once. Like shit isn't going sideways for me.

It's the little things I love.

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