Our Nightmarish Passion

If your sensitive to self harm, sexual assault, sexual abuse, detailed and grotesque sex scenes. I'd advise not to read. If you're not then have fun? This is rated red for a reason!!!


2. {Part One} That Sadistic Asshole

I silently sit at the kitchen counter, staring out the window onto the streets, watching people pass by. My eyes and expression silent, the calm-like state was uneasily abnormal for somebody in this situation. I was, of course, technically a prisoner. My stomach eats at my chest with hunger, but I lost my appetite months ago. I'm skinny, really skinny, anorexic, but that's what Alex likes. I glance around the small apartment, at the nice furniture, then at the clock on the wall.

Tic Tock

Tic Tock

Alex would be home from work in an hour or so. But even when he's gone I get this feeling in my stomach that he's looming over me, ready to strike again. I stood up, my weak legs trembling, and I stumble to the bedroom and collapse on the bed. The bed was averagely comfortable, the musky smell of sweat and tears linger in the sheets and pillows. I stuff my face into the blanket and cry. My bruised eye stinging from the tears. This stress was overbearing, I need this to stop. I cross my arms over my stomach and clutch onto my hips. My nails dug in so deep that it was enough to break the skin. Three wounds on both of my sides. Easily gushing blood. The white sheets and mattress stained. After I cry for god knows how long, bleeding, hurting, crying. The door bursts open with a hard slam against the wall, Alex was home, and clearly horny. I quickly stand up and look at the mess I've made on the mattress, panicked I rushes to the closet and locks myself into the dark musty space.

My shirt was covered in blood and tears, so was the bed, and I was afraid. Afraid that Alex is definitely going to get pissed.

"Flower, baby... Where are you?" Alex cooed out, anger tainting his deep voice. His voice echoed against the walls of the hallway.

I tremble in the silence, my hands covering my mouth so I won't let out any of my pathetic whimpering cries. Alex was in the bedroom now, his shoes clicking against the wood, I hear a sigh of disappointment. My trembling worsened. Alex's shoes click closer to the closet door. And ever so faintly, he knocks. Tap...tap...tap...

I jump slightly, my hands tightening over my mouth. His sharp cologne singes the air, reminding me of his presence.

"Flower, my darling, open the damn door," Alex purred out, The knob wriggled violently, "we don't want anyone to get hurt, do we now?"

I stayed put, my eyes tightened shut, one thought circled my mind over and over 'make this stop', 'please'.

"I promise I won't hurt you, now open the door" I knew he was lying. He was always amazing at lying, the door knob wriggled more. But I had to force myself to hold back. No no no, I can't, either way I'll get hurt again. Alex bangs on the door, rattling the clothing hooks.

"Open. Up. Now!" Alex's voice was filled with rage, which of course scared me. I need to hold back.

"Fine then, so be it, stubborn ass bitch..." Alex whispered through the door, his whispering sort of sounded like a snake to me. Angry, yet alluring somehow. His shoes tapped away, and I sigh in relief, thinking he gave up.

The sudden sounds of charging footsteps and then the loud pound on the door, gave me the sense of false hope. He was going to break the door down. I know it. The door rattles, almost breaking off of the hinges. With this, I yelped and took cover, having my hands held pathetically over my head.

BAM! BAM! BA- The door comes crashing into the closet, almost collapsing on top of me. My sight was pathetic, bleeding, crying, and whining. Out the corner of my eye, I see that Alex's black hair was messy, almost covering his enraged eyes. He laughs maniacally, sending chills down my spine. He steps closer towards me, slowly, stalkingly, like a predator creeping towards its hopeless prey. He bends down on one knee and lifts my head up.

"My beautiful, hopeless, Flower," he chuckles softly "What really made you think, you can hide from me?" His mouth spread into an almost insane grin. I shut my eyes tightly I didn't want to stare into his. Alex leaned closer, his scent stinging my lungs.

"Why don't you open your eyes for me sweets? They are really pretty after all." His voice was normally seductive, but the sinister tone made me shiver and wince my eyes tighter.

"Look. At. Me"

I decided to oblige and I slowly opened my eyes, my bruised one twitched slightly.

"That's better. Now," Alex stared me down, leading his insane eyes towards my bleeding hips, "How can you explain this?" His hands slowly lifted my shirt over my already bare breasts.

"I-I..." I stuttered, scared, trembling.

His eyes slowly gaze up at my breasts then at my face

"Yes?" He hissed through his teeth.

"I...want..things the w-way they used to be. Without...the...hurt" my words were broken, I always stutter and stumble over my words when I talk to him, a timid way to show him that I'm scared. Alex's expression suddenly turned turned from concerned and lustful, to brutal and disappointed.

"How dare you!" He hissed. He tosses me down on my side and then stands up. He grabs one of my arms and steps onto one of my wounded sides, digging his heel into one of the deep scratches. I desperately want to scream but I throws my arms over my face to muffle the pained sounds.

"The way things were? That was the past! The past where things had no passion." He yells in my ear, enraged.

"I'm expressing my real love now. And you're being an ungrateful bitch." He let's go of my arm and he pulls me up by the hair.

"You love me. Don't you?" His voice turned into a sickly harsh mix of emotions. Mostly sadistic, with only the slightest hint of sadness. My only response was me desperately grabbing at his shirt, sobbing and pleading him to stop. Alex pulls at my hair harder, lifting me up, and glaring straight into my eyes, almost like he's showing all of his pure hatred towards me in general.

"Your pleads for help are almost as worthless as you" he hissed in my face, the scent of mint gum burning my eyes and nostrils. With his free hand he grabs my neck, this time he cuts off my air passage completely, making me choke and gasp. He laughs at my pathetic and useless state. He shoves me against the wall, letting go of my hair and my neck to start grabbing at my other sensitive parts, that he normally abuses. Thighs, sides, shoulders, breasts. Each violent grope and touch has me slowly start to warm up to him, even if I mentally don't want to, my body was screaming yes. To this reaction he smirks and the bulge in his pants noticeably and slowly gets bigger.

He skillfully plays at my spine, making me let out soft moans. This sense of the sweet nostalgia of the fuzzy past gives me false hope that this time he might be more gentle. He slips down my loose and badly torn panties, making me shiver into his chest.

Alex normally abuses the fact that my body is incredibly sensitive and fragile. Which usually makes me orgasm many times when they're only doing foreplay. Which, of course, is my favorite. Although Alex is now a complete anger issued self-absorbed asshole, I've noticed he still finds interest seeing what I react to.

He starts to suck at my fragile and over-sensitive neck. Which sends me over the edge, making my legs tremble with the sudden sweet orgasm. He places his lips on mine, I pant into his mouth.

"Already?" he whispers smoothly into my ear. I only nod and stare at the floor. My juices slowly trickle down my legs, and pool onto the floor.

"I'm sorry, sir" I nervously remark, I know when I say this it always makes Alex's smile with pleasure.

He leans close to my neck and softly hisses into my ear, "You should be, my darling."

My eyes widen as Alex drags me by the arm towards the bed, pinning me down in his dominant stance. I begin to tremble once more as Alex starts to drool through his teeth. He slides down in between my legs and pants heavily, he needs this, terribly. He opens his mouth and starts biting and nipping at my sensitive folds and skin. Something terrifyingly new to me, gaining new reactions in my stomach and legs. He bites at the skin surrounding my entrance, which sends me over the edge again, making my juices gush out once more. Alex laps it up, noticeably enjoying every lick. He stands up and regains composure then starts to roughly bite at my breasts. The moans I let out are exhilarating to him, maddening him more. He bites me in my other sensitive places, hips, shoulders, neck. Each bite having me moan and pant more. Who would've thought I'd be into biting? Alex was clearly surprised and pleased he hadn't done this before. He starts biting harder, breaking the skin, the coppery taste of my blood exciting him more. And giving me the odd mix of pain and pleasure.

Alex's erection slightly sticks out of his pants. Precum trickling onto my leg as he enjoys the pain-filled moans I let out and the taste of blood and my juice in his throat. He stands up to look at my bite-covered body. This sight was stunning to him, I pant and cry due to the pleasurable pain. Alex slides down the band of his pants. A large erect member flopped down onto my stomach. It was obvious Alex started to take penis enlargement pills. This was the first time he whipped it out since then, which surprised me. I trembled softly, which noticeably excites Alex.

Alex drools, his saliva dripping onto my exposed breasts. He lines up with my entrance, then quickly forces himself in with a loud grunt. It was only tree fourths in and it already touches my womb. I yell out a moan, my toes curling and my chest tightening up. Almost orgasming a third time, tears flow down my face. The sudden tight and throbbing of my walls noticeably knocked the wind out of Alex.

"holy shit..." He breathed out. He then starts to thrust violently, little by little he slowly penetrates my womb, having his oversized dick entirely fit into the tight sensitive cunt. I uncontrollably cry out in pleasure and pain, which made Alex cover her mouth. My juices slowly ooze out with every hard and violent thrust of pure lust. He bucks harder into my hips, loudly moaning and cursing. My eyes widen as she orgasms once again before getting limp, already at my limit. Alex bucks into me more, bruising my thighs. I let out pained whimpers into Alex's hand, scrambling and clawing at his arm. His breathing was uneasy and his mouth was wide open, saliva dripping onto my lower stomach. He gradually thrusts faster, until pulling out with a soft pop. He grabs my arm and forces me up then down on my knees. He shoves his enlarged dick down my throat. I take it all in, and it of course cuts off my air. I gag and wheeze, as Alex trembles and releases his sticky load down my throat. He pulls out and gasps for air. I cough up spurts of his cum onto the floor. He grabs my head and presses my face down into the puddle of mixed liquids. Our cum, my blood, his saliva.

"Clean it up" he orders through heavily pants. I lick up the puddle and collapse, gasping and panting. Alex walks towards the dresser and pulls out a set of clothes and sets them on the bed, then he drapes a towel over my trembling and sore body.

"Now clean yourself up. I'll be waiting in the shower." He says, a smirk in his voice. I only nod in return as I sit up, my legs still trembling. I sigh, my air shaky and uneven. I stand up and walk to the bathroom, the shower running. I take off my sweat drenched shirt and I step inside, Alex behind me. His penis was still erect, rubbing against my back in a slow and teasing fashion. I grab the soap and I wash myself, mainly my wounds, my arms and my privates. Alex watches, amused. I start washing my hair, feeling more relaxed, and I start to unwind. Alex's arms wrap around my waist, which startles me. He rubs his erect penis in between my thighs, his hands slowly creeping up to fondle my breasts. It's moments like these where time gradually slows down and you begin to appreciate what god has given you. Mostly. But nothing can shake the fact that I'm literally in love with a sadistic bastard.

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