Our Nightmarish Passion

If your sensitive to self harm, sexual assault, sexual abuse, detailed and grotesque sex scenes. I'd advise not to read. If you're not then have fun? This is rated red for a reason!!!


1. An Introduction to the Madness

It's been forever since I've seen the outside world, just because 'He' won't let me. I used to be called Florencia, but he decided he'll legally change my name to Flower, something delicate, something he could easily tear apart. I have been trapped inside of this small, cramped and dark Apartment for way too long. Hell, I should just leave him already and bust out. But I can't. I can still see his soft side he showed me way before. Before this abuse, before this nightmare, before he technically lost his mind. And as crazy as it sounds, i still love him. After every beating, every scar, bruise, cut. I love him. Even if he is a sadistic bastard.

Alex wasn't always like this, but ever since we started having intercourse, Alex was all over me. Even in public, he wanted me. But after all the missionary vanilla stuff got old for him, he went into more sadistic, terrifying, harmful ways to have sex with his beloved Flower. It used to feel good, I can tell you that. Just now he's gotten too far. Every week it's something new.

It scares me.

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