The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


7. The Unexpected Dinner Invite

I stayed seated and waited for him to process this knowing that it took him some time to process things. He looked at me and said, "So there is a demon inside you who wants to come out but since you have moms powers they're preventing him from coming out. But that isn't stopping him from hurting you?" I nod my head and I say, "Yeah, that's right." He stands up and balls his hands into fist and puts them on his hips like a superhero and declares, "I will protect my big sis from this terrifying beast or demon as you call it." I laugh a bit and I hug him while saying, "My little hero." He hugs back and I start to tickle him, he laughs and falls to the ground. I sit beside him and keeps tickling him and he says through laughs, "Okay, Okay you win." I stop tickling him and I lay down next to him. Zane sits up and starts tickling me and I laugh some. I hurry up and get up then I run out the house. He chases me and I start to run down the street. He chased me all the way to the park and then he ran out of breath, he sat down on a bench. I walked over to a swing and sat down on it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the park. The peace is destroyed by a scream from across the park, I open my eyes quickly and I stand up. I look around the park and I see a man pulling this little boy towards a white van. I pull my hood on my head I sneak over towards them, the man is trying to throw the little boy over his shoulder. I look around and I see a rock, I pick up the rock and I throw the rock at the mans head. He looks over towards me and says, "You'll make a nice edition to the sale." He starts to walk towards me and I punch him in the face and he lets the boy go and walks towards me, I stand in front of the boy and I pull my hood off. The man looks terrified and runs towards the white van, I wait until the van is out of sight then I turn and look at the little boy. I get down on my knees and I ask him, "Would you like me to take you to your mom?" The boy grins widely then grabs my hand and points to his mom then he says, "Yes please!!" I smile and I walk over to his mom when we get close to her he shouts, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!! She saved me from this bad guy who tried to steal me." She hugs him and asks me, "Is this true?" I nod my head and I tell her, "Yes, but it's not important. Really, I just don't like seeing little kids in danger." She pulls me into a hug and says, "It's very important to a mother when someone saves her child. As my way of paying you, I would like to invite you and you family over for dinner." I look down at the little boy and I notice he is smiling then I look back at his mom and I smile as well while saying, "That sounds good. Also I have a brother named Zane and my dad's name is James." As if he has super hearing Zane walks over and says, "Who are these people Roxy?" As soon as I'm about to speak the little boys mom says, "My name is Amanda and this is my son Jason. Your sister saved him from being kidnapped so I invited y'all over for dinner tonight as a thank you gift." He nods his head then Amanda starts to write on some paper then she gives it to me. I look at the paper and it has her phone number, address, and what time we should come over for dinner. They start to leave the park and we soon leave after them. When we get home I run into dad's room and I tell him, "We are having a dinner over at someones house because I saved her son. So you can't stay home all day dad." He nods his head and starts to go through his closet to find some clothes for later. I walk out his room just as he picks something out to where later. I head to my room to take a quick nap before I have to get ready.


---3 hours later---

I wake up and I pick out my clothes for the dinner. I so to the bathroom and I grab some temporary pink pastel hair dye and I go take a shower, I wash my hair and put the hair dye in while I wash my body. I rinse the extra dye out and my hair is the color I wanted, so I flatiron my hair and put it up in two buns then I put my outfit on with a leather vest. (outfit below) 

I run outside and I text her that we're on our way, I meet my dad and brother by the front door. I open the door and I run to my motorcycle while shouting to them, "Come on slowpokes!!!" Zane groans and walks over to the car with dad. I start my motorcycle and I get on it, I go ahead and my dad follows me to her house. When we get there I turn my motorcycle off and I walk up to her house and I knock on the door. I hear little footsteps running to the door then the door opens, I see little Jason there and he gives me a hug and I almost fall backwards but I hug him back and I start to tickle him. He laughs and pulls me into the house and my brother and dad follow me into the house, my dad shuts the door and tells me, "I never knew you were so good with kids." I smile and Jason's mom comes into the living room soon after we enter. When she sees me she hugs me then notices my dad and says, "You must be Roxy's father. Did you know your daughter saved my son from being kidnapped?" He nods his head then Amanda smiles and shouts, "Guys we have company over for dinner. Come on down!!!" I hear three people talking as they run down the stairs, I close my eyes as an old memory runs through my head. I hear two people say in sync, "Roxy?!?!" I quickly open my eyes and I see Skylar, Andy, and a third person who I'm assuming is their brother Jake. I smile and I run over to Skylar then I hug her and she hugs back. My dad follows Amanda into the kitchen to help her finish cooking the food. I head to the living room with Skylar and Jason hops on my lap, I tickle him and he screams in between his laughter. As soon as I stop he runs off to hide, I talk to Skylar while the boys talk. I feel eyes watching me but I pay no mind to it not caring who it is. 

--- A few minutes later ---

We all go to the dining room and sit down. I sit in the middle, Jason and Andy sit on opposite sides of me,  Jake sits in front of me, Skylar and Zane sit beside him. The two end chairs are for Amanda and my dad I'm guessing. They bring the food out and I start to eat, I stay quiet thinking about the memory while everybody else is talking to each other. Someone puts their hand on my thigh and I look to see whose and it's Andy's. He asks me, "Are you alright? You're oddly quiet right now." I nod my head and I continue eating, I finish first and I take my plate to the kitchen. I wash my plate off, when I turn around I see Jake standing there and he steps closer to me and I end up backing into the sink. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me close to him, I look into his eyes and I don't like the look in his eyes. I push him away and tears form in my eyes. I quickly walk through the dining room and to the front door, I hear someone shout, "Roxy are you okay?!?!" I shake my head and I walk outside, I start my motorcycle and I hurry home. When I get home I run up to my room and I lay down, I put my headphones in and I listen to my music still crying and darkness soon takes over my sight.

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