The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


4. The Special Assignment from The Office

  I get to the cafeteria and looks around for Skylar. I see her and walk over to her. No ones talking about me so I smile a bit but then I hear someone crying. I look and it's Chloe, I sigh and walk over to her table. I get down on my knees and looks at her then says, "I'm sorry that I lost my temper earlier.... But why are you crying right now?" I rub her back and looks at her. She looks a bit scared but then she hugs me and cries into my shirt and says through cries, "M-My B-B-Boyfriend broke up with meeee!!!!" She cries more and tightens the hug, I rub her back and whispers, "Whoever he is he must be a jerk. Listen here, lets go fix your makeup and I need a different shirt." She nods and we stand up and walk to the bathroom, everybody looking at us and I roll my eyes. When we get to the bathroom I take a black crop top out my bag and I take the white one off and put the black one on. I grab some paper towels and wet them then cleans the runny makeup off her face. I smile then takes my makeup out of my bag and puts some on her face and it's perfect. I wet my hand and splashes it in her hair then ruffles it a bit and her hair looks wavy, then I say "Perfect, now lets talk about how you act. You can't just get with every boy you see, that's why both of us ended up single. You only get with someone you love/like." She nods her head then we walk back to the cafeteria. I go and sit at my table with Skylar and Chloe sits down beside me then we all start talking to each other and teaches her how to be a better person. 

  When lunch ends we stand up and walk outside to the field and they lay down in the grass while I stand up. The guys come on the field and starts playing soccer, they kick the soccer ball and it comes towards me. They start saying, "Walk over here and give us the ball please." I roll my eyes and I do a couple tricks with the soccer ball then I kick it towards them and it goes straight in the net. The boys tried to stop it but they couldn't touch it. I smile a bit then sits down and talks with the girls like nothing happened. We laugh and share past experiences with each other and I feel eyes watching us but I just shake it off. 

  The bell rings and we stand up and walk to class still talking. We sit in the back seats and talk some more about random topics. The principal walks in the class and asks, "May I please see Roxy Sanders please?" I smile and stand up then walks over to him and we walk out the classroom and says, "What is it Ms. Stone?" She puts on a serious face and says "You are going to tutor Mr. Jones because he is failing his classes and you are the smartest person here. And you can't reject this." I nod my head and walk back in the classroom with a shitty mood.  I sit down and they whisper, "What did she want with you?" I whisper back, "She wants me to tutor your brother Skylar cause he's failing all his classes." She frowns and balls her hands up then sits back in her seat and mumbles, "Dad and mom are going to be mad at him...." I sigh and put my headphones in and listen to my music. 

--After Class--

We head to our lockers and gets our stuff. I start walking with them then they say, "Aren't you supposed to be going to the library to tutor someone?" I nod my head then replies, "Yeah but, I don't mind making him wait. After all he is just a boy." We laugh then walks to their cars. I hug them goodbye and they get in their cars and drives off. I sigh then  turns and walks back into the building, I walk to the library and he's not there. 

  I roll my eyes then the librarian turns my music on for me and I smile at her. I start to laugh a bit then dances around, then I climb on the table and starts singing and dancing. I jump onto the main desk and pulls her up with me and we have plenty of fun, until someone starts clapping. She climbs off and I jump off and stands in front of him and says, "You're late. Where were you?" He steps around me then sits down and looks at me then says, "Doesn't matter, more importantly were you hanging out with Chloe today?" He moves his face towards mine and I can feel his breath on my face, I step back and tells him in a harsh tone, "Yeah and what's it matter to you asshole?" He holds his heart in fake pain and says, "I can't let my new girlfriend be friends with my ex." I roll my eyes and walks to the book shelf while saying, "I'm not your girlfriend and I can be friends with who I want to be so mind your own business." He doesn't reply and I don't really care. 

  I turn around and I see him then he places his hands on both sides of my head, he leans in to kiss me. I grab his arm and twists it behind his back then hisses at him through grit teeth, "Don't try that again, I'm not going to let you kiss me again. Now sit down, I have to tutor your sorry ass excuse of a gang leaders son." He frowns and doesn't says anything then I think to myself Was he really hurt by what I said??? I shake my head and grab the books then goes to the table and sets the books down. Then we get started right with the lesson. 

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