The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


3. The Confession

  I kiss back and moan into the kiss some. I realize what I'm doing and pull back and punches him in the stomach. "What the Fuck?!?! Who are you and why'd you kiss me?" I shout at him. He looks at me and shrugs and walks off. I get pissed and you can literally see the steam coming from out my ears. He shouts back, "Check your back pocket and you'll find out my name and number. Call me later." He winks then walks off towards the school. I feel my feet get weak under me then thinks to myself, What is this feeling? I haven't felt this before.... I try to quickly regain my posture and takes my small ponytail out my hair and messes my hair up some then flips it over to the other side of my head. I walk back to the school building and everybody looks at me and starts whispering things about me when I hear someone whisper, "I heard she's a slut. She was dating two people at once." Fury comes back to my eyes and I stomp over to her. When I reach her I hold her up against the lockers and says with venom and authority in my voice , "Did you just call me a slut? Cause I'm not the one who has my legs open for every guy who comes my way and flirts with them. You're the biggest slut at this school, hell you're probably the biggest slut in this state. Strippers have more respect and boundaries than you." I drop her and walks away and I hear her crying but I don't care. Skylar soon walks up to me and says, "Did you just tell Chloe off in front of everybody, even the teachers?" I nod my head and keeps walking with her then she says, "That was so cool!!! Everybody's eyes were on you, even my older brother was watching you and he never pays attention to anybody but his family. And I'm pretty sure he was dating her, so he might be pissed with you." I shrug my shoulders then says, "I wouldn't care if he was the presidents son and she was still his girlfriend, she had that coming after all she is the one that Daniel cheated on me with." she hugs me then runs off to her class. I hug back then keeps walking towards my class, I have choir right now. It's the only class where no one judges me cause I'm in disguise. I get to the class early then looks at the paper and reads his name and puts my disguise on. The teacher (Mr. Johnson) smiles when he sees me and says, "I heard about what just happened in the hallway." I nod my head then says, "Yeah, I guess I lost my temper since Daniel cheated on me with HER." He tells me to go sit down on the risers and I do as told. Soon the rest of the class comes in and gets in their places. We all start singing then it quiets and I'm the only one singing. I look at everybody then stops singing, they all clap and whistles. I curtsy and smile, then someone comes in and he has glasses but seems familiar. He claps then walks to the teacher and says, "I heard that you have Roxy in this class. Can I talk to her?" Mr. Johnson shakes his head and says, "I'm sorry but she's not in here. She hasn't come to this class at all." The student snatches the attendance from him and looks it over then says, "Who is this Alex, I haven't heard of him before." I step off the risers and says, "Cute. You think Alex is a boy, but he's actually a girl. And Alex is me." He walks over to me and looks me over and says, "Heh, how come I never see you around the school." Mr. Johnson stands behind us blocking me defensively and says, "I'm sorry but you must go, you're interrupting my class." He tries to punch Mr.J and I jump in front of him and he punches me instead. I fall to the ground and acts like it hurt and the tears come on cue then the boys in class say, "Hey!! He hit Alex and she's crying, he's a wuss hitting a girl!!!" He walks out the class and everybody surrounds me. Asking if I was okay, I nod my head and stand up then says, "I'm fine, he just hit me in the stomach. It might leave a bruise but it'll be alright." They nod their heads and we get back to singing. When the bell rings they leave class and head to lunch. I stick behind and takes my disguise off and looks out the window and jumps out and lands on my feet. I walk away and uses the back door to get into the school. After I close the door I notice the guy with glasses and then he takes them off and I say, "Heh, so you're Andy?" He nods then stands up and says, "So you called my girlfriend a slut and made her cry. Look like I need to teach you a lesson." I stand there then says, "Well maybe you should keep her on a leash, after all I only did that because she slept with my boyfriend while we were dating." He looks a bit surprised and takes out his phone then calls someone and says, "We're done. Don't eve talk to me again." While he's on the phone I turn and walks away. He grabs my wrist and I yank it away. I keep walking and he says, "You still have to call me Roxy." I ignore him and keeps walking away, when I round the corner I smile a bit then thinks to myself. I think I'm in love with Andy Jones, my families enemy.

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