The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


2. The Bad Day at School

I wake up to the sound of someone banging pans together and I pick up my pillow and throw it at the person. The banging stop and they shout, "DAD!!! Sis threw a pillow at meeee!!!" He fake cries and runs out my room. I roll my eyes and yawn then get out of bed and close my door. I go and take a shower and wash my hair. I head to my closet and grab a white crop top, black skinny jeans with holes in the pants, a red leather jacket, and some black combat boots. I put my outfit on and hug my dad and kisses his forehead and he smiles and says, "Good morning sweetie. And next time, don't throw a pillow at your brother even if it's soft." 

"Good morning dad. Well, I wouldn't have to throw a pillow at him if he doesn't wake me up banging two pots together." I reply then sit down next to him and eat my breakfast. After I finish my breakfast I wash the little bit of dishes that are in the sink. Dad calls out, "Come on kids, let's get a move on!!!" I pick up my backpack and run outside to the car. Me and Zane sit in the back and he starts poking me. I push him over and he leaves me alone. Dad drops him off first since his school is closer. When we get to my school I look out the window and notice everyone staring. I get out the car and says, "Bye dad, I'll see you later." He waves and drives off. 

I walk over to my friend Skylar and she hands me a pocket knife. I take the pocket knife from her and carves into the tree, it says Roxy & Skylar best friends forever. I carve some skulls around the words and circle the whole thing. Daniel comes running over and I punch him in the face then I walk off to my classroom and I hear everyone whispering about me. I turn and shout at them, "Shut the fuck up!!! I can hear every single one of y'all talking about me just because my dad is a gang leader!!" Everybody stops talking and I continue walking away. 

  I get to class and I take a seat all the way in the back. I sit down and place my feet on the table. Everybody else comes in and sits down wherever as long as it's not by me. The teacher walks in and I can tell he's new because he says, "Miss in the back, take your feet off the table." I stick my middle finger up at him and then I say, "Let me tell you something new teacher. I can do what I want as long as I keep my grades up and I do exactly that so you can't tell me what to do because this shit has my fucking name on it." His face gets red from anger and he asks, "Young lady, what is your name?" I stand up and reply, "Roxy fucking Sanders." He gasps and looks scared some. I smirk a bit and sit back in my chair and put my feet back on the desk. I start working on the work given and finishes it then falls asleep. 

-At the end of class-

  I am woken up by the sound of the bell. I get out of my seat and I walk out of class. I'm walking to my next class when someone puts their hand on my shoulder and stops me. I turn around and I see it's Daniel and he says, "Please let me explain it to you babe." I take his hand off my shoulder and says, "First of all, don't call me babe you lost that privilege. Second of all, what is there to explain? You cheated on me with the fucking whore of the school. I never thought you could be such an asshole, looks like I was wrong." I turn and I run outside of the school.

  I run to the football field and stand behind the bleachers. Soon I start punching the bleachers out of anger. Someone starts to walk my way and I stop punching the bleachers and calms down. They come up behind me and I say, "Leave-" They spin me around and kisses me before I can finish my sentence.

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