The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


6. Secrets

When I wake up all that happened yesterday came flooding back into my mind. I sit up and look beside me and I see Andy laying there asleep. I start to freak out, but then I look at his sleeping face and he looks so peaceful. I shake my head to get that thought out my head and I slowly move his arm from around my waist, making sure he's still asleep. I quickly get up out of bed and pick out some clothes. I go to the bathroom and changes into them.

I peek my head out the door and he's still asleep. I quickly and quietly run out of my room. I walk down the stairs and grab a donut from the kitchen then I say, "Bye dad, bye Zane!! Oh yeah, also Andy is in my room Zane. Get him out of there before I get back with his sister!!" Before they can say anything I walk out and close the door behind me. I get on my motorcycle and I head to Skylar's house. I get there and as soon as she gets out I tell her, "Don't worry about your brother cause he's at my house, him and my brother were having a sleepover. But he ended up sleeping in my room, with me. Blehhh." She gets on my motorcycle with me and we head back to my house. We walk into my house and I see Andy on the couch then Skylar says, "Glad to see that you're alive and not dead." He looks at her questioning and then my dad tells him, "Usually if Roxy wakes up and sees someone asleep next to her, she'll kill them in their sleep." He looks at me and smirks then says, "Well she likes me." I walk over to him and punch him in the face then says, "Don't you dare say that, or I will slit your throat." He looks at my hands and sees the bruises then says, "What happened to your hands?" He grabs my hands and since I decide not to talk Zane says, "She was punching the school wall then when she heard you coming she hurried home and went in the training room, she locked herself in there and was beating the punching bag up." I yank my hands away and winces a bit then storms outside. When I get outside I see Daniel and he says, "Listen, I'm sorry I cheated on you. I was drunk and it was stupid, I'm really sorry." Andy runs out and pulls me into a hug not seeing Daniel, and Andy says, "I'm sorry you got hurt, I already know you did that because of me." Daniel clears his throat and Andy looks at him confused then I explain, "This is Daniel, my ex. He's the one who cheated on me with Chloe, your ex-girlfriend." Andy stands up straight and stands in front of Daniel then punches him in the stomach three times, he's about to punch him again when I get in front of him and he accidentally punches me in the stomach. I fall to the ground and he says, "I am so sorry!!! I didn't mean to hit you, it was an accident." He starts to cry and pulls me into a hug, I wrap my arms around him and says in a low voice, "It's Okay, it's not the first time. You punched me in chorus class at school yesterday." He pulls away and looks at me and says, "You're Alex?" I nod my head and stands up then walks back into my house and Skylar walks out. Before I close the door I say, "You all need to go home now." My dad pulls me inside and tells them, "Go, now!!" They all leave and my dad walks over to me and gives me a shot and I calm down then I say, "It's getting stronger, I need to get a bigger dose from now on." My dad nods his head and my brother walks over and says, "What does she mean dad and what was that shot?" I sit him down and sit in front of him and I say, "It's time you learned the truth as to why my eyes are red." I take a deep breath and tell him, "I am a hybrid, when I was born all of moms power transferred into me, and along with it a demon who wants control of my body." He gasps and looks at me terrified.

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