The Forbidden Love

Hi, my name is Roxy Sanders I'm 17 years old and this is my story about how I fell for the heir of my dads enemy and his name is.... Andy Jones. My dad became the gang leader of The Bandits after my mom died when I was 4 years old. I've always had a bad reputation at school because of that but I didn't mind it meant no one could hurt me or break my heart. My plan was going perfectly....Until I met him and my world turned upside-down.


5. After School

teach him the English and Social Studies lessons first. When we get started on the Math he starts to get irritated with it and gets mad. I say, "Hey, look at me and just calm down. You'll get it, it just takes time to get it right." He looks into my eyes and calms down. I start to talk him through the basics of the math lesson and he gets most of it, then he gets frustrated again and punches the table. I grab his hand and push him back then I say, "Stop punching things, it may be a good way of taking out anger. But you shouldn't punch things at school." He pulls me close to him and says, "Well I can't take my anger out the way I want to so I punch things." I roll my eyes and give him some headphones and I say, "Lets take a break and listen to music since you are frustrated right now." He nods his head and takes the headphones and plugs them into his phone and plays music, I do the same and walk around the library looking for a book in the fiction section.   I find a book on witchcraft and roll my eyes, but I pick it up and head back to the table with the book and sit down and I start to read the book. Just as the book was getting interesting someone snatches the book, I look up and see that it's Andy. I jump up and try to get the book back but holds it over his head. I'm about to hit kick him in the leg when he pulls me close and kisses me deeply. I kiss him back then I push him away while taking the book back and I say, "Don't do that again, I can't date my oldest friends brother and my newest friends ex." I walk over to the desk before he can reply and I check the book out myself. When I finish I walk back over to the table I sit down and we continue with the math lesson.      While I'm showing him what to do I hesitate but grab his pencil from him and our hands slightly touch, a blush appears on my cheeks but disappears as fast as it came. I give him an example problem that he has to complete and then hands his pencil back making sure our hands don't touch again. We finish the rest of the Math lesson and as soon as we get started on the science lesson he gets mad again. I stand in front of him to try and calm him down, but he is too mad and he punches me in the face not knowing it. I start to bleed a little bit, but I just wipe the blood away. He starts to apologize but I raise my hand up to stop him and I sit back down. I start to talk him through the science part and he understands it after I finish explaining it to him.    We finish the lesson after that and I pack up my things and quickly leave the library. I get outside the school and start punching the brick wall, my knuckles start to bleed and I ignore it and keep punching the wall. I hear the door open and I notice the blood on the wall from my hands, I quickly walk to my car that my dad brought earlier and start it then I drive off and to my house.

   When I get home I get out my car and I slam the door. I walk into my house and runs to the training room and slams the door then locks it. I hear beating on the door and I ignore it and blares my music then punches the punching bag, my knuckles are still bleeding but I don't care and I keep punching it.  After I finish punching the bag I start the treadmill and run on it for a while. After I finish I walk out the training room and I see Zane standing there and he asks, "Are you Okay?" I nod my head and hides my hands from him then says, "Yeah, just had to let off some steam. I'm gonna take a shower and change into the pjs that you got me last year." He hugs me and says, "I have a friend over and he's spending the night. You can join us in the living room after your shower." I nod my head then head to my room, I pick up my pajamas and go to my bathroom and starts the water then I get in the shower. I use my lavender body wash and my strawberry shampoo and conditioner. I watch the blood and soap go down the drain. When I finish my shower I put on my pjs.(below) 

   I look for my brush and I don't see it so I comb my hair using my fingers and it works out better than I thought it would but my hair is still damp. I shrug it off then closes my door and walks to the living room forgetting about my bruised hands.    I sit and the couch and leans my head on Zane's lap and he plays with my hair and I ask, "Where's your friend and where is my brush?" He sees my hands and furrows his brow and says, "He's in the kitchen, your brush is in my room. What did you punch sis?" He holds my hands and examines them then kisses them. I avoid eye contact with him and mumbles, "I was punching the school wall outside..." He frowns and says, "I'm going to tell dad." He gets up and I quickly grab his hand and shake my head.    He sits back down and his friend walks in and I look over and sees Andy walking over to the couch. Zane looks up and sees him as he sits down. They fist bump and I sit up and hides my hands then says, "I forgot I have things to do, I'm going back to my room." As soon as I stand up Zane pulls me back down knowing it'll hurt my hand then says in a firm voice, "I'll tell dad what you did if you leave the room." I pull my legs up to my face and says, "Fine, I'll stay."    We watch a couple movies and after a while I fall asleep. In my sleep I feel someone pick me up and carry me somewhere and lays me down on a bed. When they are about to leave I grab their hand and says, "Please don't leave me." I feel them crawl into bed with me and they cover us up with the cover. I cuddle up to them and falls back to sleep completely.

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