The Crystal Heart -- Book One

When your land and life are threatened do you fall short and kneel? Or do you stand up in glory and fight for everything you hold dear? Danger is inevitable but do you rely on a lord with misused power or yourself with strenuous possibilities? - Stories have many questions between the lines. Meanings that aren't laid out for one to follow. Just look to your mind to find the answer.


5. Storm's Pov (Deal Demise)

    I stood with my back too Dantae, my brunette hair hanging shortly from my head. Looking out towards the Elves slowly inching toward us. I raise my hands into a pyramid formation and a gust of wind encircles the Alpha with the winds slowly closing in but like nothing he jumped towards us. Inches from my face he was when Dantae slice his arms off with his crystal blades. He then kick the alpha in the chest and protected me like I was family. His stance so strong, and valiant. He didn't flinch when a Elve came towards him he just stood there. I then picked myself up and pushed my hands out.

     Suddenly the Elves flew backward into the others coming towards us. I did a spin sensing that they were closing in on our back side. But as I turned around one stabbed me in the arm, as the Elve stabbed me my power reacted pulling the air from his body, making him stand breathless and staking out. When I then clenched my fists and pushed out his lifeless body shot up and out. I pushed the Elves out in a spinning formation hitting them against trees.

    Dantae was killing as many as I was, he had made them back out to the tree where the original Elve had spawned. He moved his blades in flawless formations like he knew exactly what he was doing. He had no care in the world he was breathless in every swing of his swords fighting for his life, because he had a plan, instead of pointless strikes. I started to plan my attacks ahead of time trying to be one step ahead of them, and I began to do so. Summoning a ball of air with the force too knock them back into the forest but when they entered the forest they're body disintegrated into thin air. They're crystals falling to the ground, like an emerald. Glistening in the embodiment of life.  But they were a bit darker like a deep ink had touch the stones. 

    I saw a Elve behind a tree hiding and I went to fight it I suddenly summoned a sword made out of wind. One that made the Elves fly back when I slashed and threw them out towards I ran and tried to slice the tree and the Elve in half but when I did I was pushed back out towards the middle. I would keep dashing up and trying to slash them but the wind kept pushing me back. I threw the sword at the ground finally out of frustration. I raised my fist pushed out open palm and a wall of them flew back. I drew back my hand and looked at it I could see a type of stone emitting from under the back of my hand. I didn't know what type of stone it was but I knew it was controlling the power of the wind. I started to strut towards the next Elve ahead of me I thrust my arm out pulled it back quickly then forced it out towards the creature. Suddenly I saw the air go out but it was white as if it had been chilled. The Elve froze in place. Its crystallization of its spikes surrounded by ice. Suddenly I hear a whistle an arrow flew by my ear and the Elve crashed into pieces.  Suddenly a woman was beside my side she reached out her hand to shake mine i took her hand not as a woman but as a respected warrior. Her enticing bravery astonished me. I yelled "look out!"

      An Elve was standing ready to strike her but I grasped my hand and he was lifted up and sent backwards. I pushed out of her way and this time when I brought up my hand there was not a sword but a spear. I threw the spear knocking a group backwards with an extreme force. Almost as if they were pawns and I were the knight. The warrior shot two arrows right into a group of Elve in front of me but I saw Dantae running towards the same group so I focused my attention on the arrows. Not even sure if I could do anything but I pushed my hands toward the sky. Suddenly they bent and shot upward. Dantae got through the group quickly I then saw the arrows coming down. I made a grabbing motion, then a throwing motion out in the air and the arrows shot towards the captain Elve and stuck his arm and shoulder.

    The Elve screamed in pain. Suddenly the woman appeared at my side, along with Dantae. All of us were sweating and in pain with a few cuts and bruises. We walked towards the Elve and I was the first too speak. "We have completed your little test, creature. Now let us go, or else!?"

     The Captain Elve stammered for a moment then focused its remaining strength and hobbled forward. Held out its spiked arm, and Dantae held out his hand. They shook, or rather waved their hands around. I knew that the deal was struck, because suddenly the Elve who surrounded us from the fight shrunk into the ground and from each of their bodies grew vines the vines encircled us and we found ourselves in a dome of fines in mere seconds. Everything went dark and suddenly my vision started to spin I closed my eye in mere seconds we had fallen into a different place I opened my eyes and me, Dantae, and the fierce woman found ourselves in a Do-jo ring. I looked around it was still dark but we were under some kind of pavilion. I looked to the middle of the ring and saw a older man sitting legs crossed, hands in his lap. His eyes were shimmering, not like a glare or a streak. They were a glow, and I couldn't put my finger on it but the eyes, looked as if they were. Diamond. 


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