The Crystal Heart -- Book One

When your land and life are threatened do you fall short and kneel? Or do you stand up in glory and fight for everything you hold dear? Danger is inevitable but do you rely on a lord with misused power or yourself with strenuous possibilities? - Stories have many questions between the lines. Meanings that aren't laid out for one to follow. Just look to your mind to find the answer.


1. Dantae's Pov (Foul Father)

              "Dantae fetch me a cup of water, please". Spoke Adam

     As I scurried off down the corridor to the left and down the winding spiral stair case. I heard Adam's father yell at him about why he has to be so nice too me. Like I'm a piece of trash. That's all he thinks of his servants as. Peasants just doing his bidding, he doesn't care if we get killed off while sparring with knights or murdered in the night because we swore loyalty that we would never speak a word of information too an outside source even if they had a blade to our skin. He doesn't even care about his son. Just another pawn on the playing field for him. Doing what he wants till the end of his life.

     When I reached the bottom of the steps I walked upon the passage way too the pantry that connected to the kitchen. The pantry had tons of dishes and snacks just waiting to be carried to a royal family member. I walked into the kitchen that usually was filled with people slaving away at preparing meals, but now was dark with only one torch that was lit in the corner of the room by the pot, that usually would have held a vat of soup. But now that was also cleaned out for the day and given out to the homeless people. (The one thing the king cared about; homeless people not starving). Connected to the kitchen was the water well, that was conveniently located next to a somewhat secret passage that led straight to the princes room.

     So I while I passing through the kitchen I grabbed a cup, siting on one of the counters. Where the cups were laying was a note, that had my name on it. I stuffed it into my pocket not thinking to even to a peak at it. This was because I still had work to do before the night was done. I passed into the water room, got the prince his cup of water. It took a while because I decided I would leave out a couple of buckets of water. Just in case the prince would want a bath tonight. I was going to take the semi-secret passage back to the princes room, but decided I would take the long way.

     Climbing the spiral stairs wasn't the hard part. The hard part was meeting the king half way up. He pushed me and told me that I was a half-ling and was a worthless servant and had no brains, I caught my self from flying down the stairs all the way. But the cup had fallen out of my hand and smashed against the cold-hard brick steps. The water that had been in the cup had went down all of the stairs, which had now made them slick. The king slowly made his way down the stairs. My face had been scrapped when I had flew down the couple stairs, my body had flown into the wall, and then made to slip down onto the steps as the king passed me by. So I picked my self up and made my way slowly down the stairs once more.

     As I was making my way down I kept on asking my self questions. Why couldn't I be more like them? Why couldn't they have to feel what I feel every day? Why is it so hard to live in a world like this? These thoughts flew through my mind, which made me, not realize what was happening. When I reached the bottom of the steps, I heard voices. These unfamiliar voices.

          "Did you leave the note for the boy?" spoke a heavy male voice.

          "Yes Boss, the note has been planted for the servant you spoke of, I think I heard someone in the kitchen a couple of moments ago sir. Would you like me to check?" said a girl.

         "No, we must get out of here before we are seen, get m'horse." spoke the male again.

          "Yes, sir, right away!" She shouted.

          "Keep your voice  down, you silly girl, do you want us to get caught?!" He said in a mild yet concerning voice.

     This is when I walked into the kitchen and noticed steps from outside, the door to the court yard getting quieter and quieter until they were gone. I got another cup, and headed into the water room and grabbed the pulley and just kept pulling and pulling until the water came up. That's when I decided to take the passage way back up. Thinking it would be easier than the stairs. So after I finished getting the water from the well, I stepped out into the cold night, and at first I gazed up at the beautiful stars. Wishing that I could be like them living their life without care. Without reason just shining, emitting beautiful light into the sky. I slipped into the passage way and climbed the ladder till I reached the loose plank.

     When I pushed open the plank, I looked up and had a sword to my throat. I saw Adam back away in fear of hurting me as I climbed out I heard him yelp and rush too my scraped face.

         "Dantae, are you alright, you have been gone for at least half of the hour, and what happend to your face, I was fairly worried my, helpful servant, or sorry, my friend I mean was hurt."

         "I'm fine sir, really its nothing it was just another meaningless beating, by, well, you know who it was". I spoke groggily.

          "My father is a cold hearted man, that cares nothing for himself, and the homeless people. Without the people of this kingdom, we would fall, we would have nothing. That is why, I can't wait until I am king of this land, to govern it how I think is best. Not how my father believes." yelled Adam.

     Adam usually would not yell, he was a good person. With a tone of voice, that made you want to believe what he said, which was not often that you would have to guess. This was because Adam would use the truth and facts, where his father would manipulate, control, and lie. He would make the better king. He would make the kingdom prosper in new heights. Even though it seemed hard here the rest of the kingdom prospered mostly, just because the king was nasty didn't mean the whole kingdom was going to fall and shatter into millions of pieces.   

          "Dantae, take the rest of the night off, you can stay in the extra bed as well if you want too, I would love your company, but if you wish to return too your house in the town you may." Said Adam.

          "Thanks, Adam, I guess, I will stay here tonight, thank you. I would walk home but since I was pushed down the stairs, my legs are aching and I don't want to hurt myself anymore. Thank you sir."  I mumbled, as I made my way towards the extra bed, by the big glass window.

     That's where I plopped my self down and looked out at the stars once more and wished I could live their life. As I relived my last moments in my head I thought about the people I had heard in the court yard earlier, and I passed it on as a blank memory. That was the last thought I had before drifting off to sleep.

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