The Crystal Heart -- Book One

When your land and life are threatened do you fall short and kneel? Or do you stand up in glory and fight for everything you hold dear? Danger is inevitable but do you rely on a lord with misused power or yourself with strenuous possibilities? - Stories have many questions between the lines. Meanings that aren't laid out for one to follow. Just look to your mind to find the answer.


3. Dantae's Pov (Escapees)

     The swords immediately dissolved from existence. As the crystal floated I was mesmerized by the sight of it. Crystal's just don't float like that they don't just appear either. Also where had those swords come from. In the moment that I had with the swords I had immediately gained strategies and attacks that just came and gone. Nothing I have ever thought of. I suddenly looked to the right and there I saw Adam, his stance was strong and heavy he held out with a open fist like he had just pushed something.

     That's when his father, the king swung at me with his sword. The crystal gem metamorphosed into a sword and deflected his fathers attack. Adam rolled under the sword and from underneath it jumped and grabbed it. Sensing danger, I was about too run but suddenly the swords had appeared in my hand again. My mind was then flushed with battle plans, strategies, and fighting styles. "Dantae, run, grab your stuff and run, I'll take my father just go!" he screamed at me, but I wasn't going anywhere friends stick together.

     I side stepped in and out of his attacks going in for my own attacks with double blades it was easier, but the king had one thing over me... Experience. He was deflecting most of my moves and I was only doing what I thought I could do, there were more complicated ideas, but I was afraid that I would either not be able to pull them off or kill the king and I didn't want treason on my list of wrongs in the world. So I kept on laying simple attacks on him, until I came across an attack that I've never seen before. It wasn't a cut and slash maneuver, but I had to try it. Adam and I had pushed him towards the other corner of the room where I had been staying. After Adam had gone in for his move, I went in first, I side stepped out of the way. With amazing accuracy I rolled under his legs, and nicked his shin with my blade. Then I jumped up with my swords in a cross 'X' formation I hit him over the head with the slick part, not the sharp part. Immediately he fell to the ground and curled up into a fatal position. But our blades didn't disappear.

                     ~                                                   ~                                          ~                                             ~

                                          ~                                                    ~                                               ~  

     We both grabbed our things quickly and headed for the secret passage, once we  were both in we heard guards from up above. We quickly scurried down the ladder and out into the court yard, we then ran for the stables and grabbed our horses. But before we could get out we had a fight ahead of us. Standing in front of the gate was 10 armed guards, apparently waiting for us. We both got off the horses ready too fight what was inevitable. They all charged at us trying to attack but Adam and I both knew that we could take them I took five and he took five. I had to start fighting for my own and not use the strategies so. I started out by running at them with my swords basically be hind me but when I came to them I drew them , cutting about three, then the last two blocked my sword. I jumped and slid out of there way, the knights were closing in on us but we weren't going down without a fight. We could keep them away from us but for how long, I was already tired from the king battle, and now I had to figure out a way too beat them. I kept on fighting side stepping in and out, until me and Adam were back to back. Then a arrow hit a guard, then another, and another, until they were all down. We looked up at the figure and all of a sudden it jumped down at us bow in hand.

    "Hello, My name is Grace and, you are?" The person unraveled the cloak they had been wearing. It's a girl I thought in my head good information.

    "Uh.. Right my name is Adam, Adam of Thorgania, and this is my friend Dantae, we were just trying to leave the city." The prince spoke in his soft voice. While we mounted our horses, and our blades disappeared.

    "Are you going to the area?" she said. attaching her bow to the back of her quiver.

    "Yes, we are going to the area but our cards never said where to go" I spoke with my strong hopeful voice which did not give Adam time to give his part.

    "Okay, I will show you, we better get moving before more guards come to hurt us" She commented and we rode off out of the gate and onto the dirt path.

~                                     ~                                                                          ~                                         ~

            ~                                                          ~                                                          ~

     As we rode along the dirt path I thought a lot about what had just happened. I have never been much of a warrior let alone a strategist. I have never had any ability to do such things as this and now I have. As we passed the final fields of Thorgania it was almost sunrise. We were riding along trees, big black oak trees covered in white dots. Suddenly a figure appeared out  of the forest and the fields and waved at the two of us to follow him, as we trotted down the ever beaten path, I noticed we were on the border, not just next too it literally on the border. It was difficult terrain, I knew this because I have had patrol on these road before. There were a lot of caves and passage ways on this borde-. But before I could finish my thought we had come to a screeching halt.

    There was a passage way that the figure had run into. It had stone steps, cobbled, all the way down, we must have been at least, several feet deep when the steps led into a slightly lighted room. Made up of glimmering gems, and candles reflections. It was an unusual sight to behold, because they were floating just like what Adam had created. I was taken back, had never seen anything like it. A voice startled me a voice that I thought I recognized.

    "Welcome, you have been chosen too become part of our secret society. You will soon be transferred to our land, where you will be trained, and helped overcome your abilities. Also I have been notified that you had some, fight at the kingdom near here this morning, I hope it was nothing just if it ever happens again I will be very, determined too, well lets just say. Get rid of you...."

    "Where are we going exactly, I'm the pri-"Adam said shakily getting quickly cut off.

    "I know who you all are, Adam the ever serving Prince, Dantae the knowing, and Grace the Secret keeper." He said as another boy got pushed into the group of us.

I started to notice that the floating crystals weren't the only thing that was weird about this cave-room. There was a circle where we were standing. In the circle there was five places for a person to stand. The ceiling wasn't normal either a normal cave would have a rock based ceiling but instead there was a sheet of different gems, coned into a center point. Where there was a clear glass cone but it was also changing. Going in and out of sight.

"There's five of us and four of you, your outnumbered two too one so I wouldn't try anything, it would be the dumb thing to try. Anyway you will be transported soon as the last person gets here." The man from under the cloak said.
    Suddenly arrow shots stormed the air, swords clinking from outside the man in the cloak fell to the ground dead, and then another kid about my age ran in. Suddenly the passage way from up the stairs closed, we were stuck and we had no idea what to do. The room became dark, lit by nothing. Suddenly a light shined from all of us a crystal of our own shined into the middle of the room we all shuffled around the room until we were standing in front of our crystal. The cave suddenly shifted, we all edged closer to one another. My body suddenly was shrinking, I heard the passage way open up, screams, yells, and shouting. Came through until suddenly every thing went black. But I could feel something beneath me something soft.

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