The Crystal Heart -- Book One

When your land and life are threatened do you fall short and kneel? Or do you stand up in glory and fight for everything you hold dear? Danger is inevitable but do you rely on a lord with misused power or yourself with strenuous possibilities? - Stories have many questions between the lines. Meanings that aren't laid out for one to follow. Just look to your mind to find the answer.


6. Adam's Pov (Steel Savior)

     I was running through the forest something was chasing me. Faster and faster I ran I was heading down hill I look behind me and I see this wolv-thing chasing me it silver fur glistening from the sunlight in the holes of the branches. Its eye glaring at me. I just keep on running I hear rushing water, suddenly I come across a river and I bound hoping that I make it over, closing my eyes so I get water in them if the river is where I and. I don’t feel water but I don’t feel land. The wind is kind of pushing me I open my eyes to see the wolv jumping at me I through my hands out and a ruby flows out hitting it in the head and sending it flying back. Suddenly I fall into the river and I feel the current pulling me down the water filling my lungs. My heart barley beating as I gasp and grasp for the side of the river struggling for air as I feel my mind getting cloudier and cloudier. Darkness fills my mind death circles in. Nothing left. Mind stale, and then darkness


                         ~                                      ~                        ~                                  ~

            I was coughing, puking up water. My chest was bound, eyes stinging from the river water. I looked up and a scrawny, teenager of about 16 or 17 years old, in his arm he held a scythe. He was yelling at me to get up but I couldn’t my body wouldn’t raise off the ground. It was like my arms and legs bolted to the ground the rocks and pebbles cutting me. I pushed hard and I got to my knees. I saw the teen cutting down the wolv. I got to my feet, I felt my left palm with my right and I could feel the ruby in side of my hand. I shot out my palm through my fingers I felt a shock I flew backward from the force as the ruby shot at the wolv and hit it suddenly the wolv burst into flames. It scurried off into the woods. Me, I was against a tree back too it and I was tattered with bruises and cuts. The guy ran over to me and helped me stand. I weary spoke to him. “Thank you, my name is Adam you are?”

            He started to fiddle with the scythe as it disappeared out of existence into thin air. “My name is Leon, my family are farmers in your land, sir. I stole this from the castle when I was a young one.” He handed me this coin engraved with some righting.

            I took the coin and read it. It said on it ‘Queen Rachel’ I looked at him and spoke. “This was my moms, this coin was the death of her.” I took a breath. “This coin was cursed to be bound to her until she died, here you can have it back.” I handed him the coin and suddenly a pack of Wolv’s emerged from the forest. I readied my stance. Got ready to fight. My arms were flush and my eyes were ready for battle. I shot out my hands and suddenly two crystals shot out. A wolv jumped at me but suddenly got hit with the crystal. I shot out my hand and suddenly a battle axe of rubies appeared I ran at one and swung. I sliced the Wolv in half, I dropped the axe right there not knowing that it would do that much damage. But as soon as the Wolv had been sliced its body molded back together. I reached down for the axe and held it up, I sliced at it but all of my attacks wouldn’t even wound the thing. It was as if I did no damage to it, the creature kept snipping at my hand in which I would then slash it still doing no damage. I had the urge to duck after my next swing and I’m sure glad I did because Leon’s scythe went over my head and struck dead the Wolv.

            I was then pushed back when suddenly the wolv didn’t get back up I was so amazed until I realized that the only reason I wasn’t killing them was because my weapon wasn’t made of silver. (Wolv’s are like Werewolves). I ran toward Leon.

            “Leon I need that coin you have” I yelled as one of the Wolv’s pinned me against a tree, “Hurry” I yelped.

            I saw the silver glistening coin and shot my hand out towards it I touched it and suddenly, in my hand appeared a long staff. Made of rubies and silver, it along gated until it was about six feet long. At the top of the staff sat a multi-colored crystal. It seemed to be 5 colors, I didn’t notice this till now but the same exact gem was on the end of Leon’s scythe. I shot it out in front of me and the Wolvs backed off suddenly I was back to back with Leon.

            “Let’s take them down” Leon shouted.

            “I agree, maybe together we can do more damage.” I spoke back to him, in front of me there were five of the Wolvs. I didn’t know how many he faced but I knew we could take them down together.

            He huffed out “Go on three.” He raised his scythe ready to swing. “One…. Two….” He added.

            We shouted at the same time our voices in sync “THREE”. I raised my staff and ran at them. The staff was like my old boa-staff that I had acquired from my grandfather the only one in my father’s besides Dantae that was kind to me. ‘WAIT’ I thought as one of the Wolv’s fell down from a strike of the staff. Where was Dantae, did he make it out of that cave, was he somewhere on this island. Or maybe he was….. No I can’t think like that, I thought. Then I felt a sharp pain on my left calf, there was a small bite, I could feel the venom coursing through my veins.

            Suddenly I was brought out of my trance when I swung and killed the last Wolv and found myself alone with Leon, he was in shape I had noticed with sweat dripping down his face, and his chest that his clothes now stuck to his body. I found myself hugging him and then his crystal in his hand touched mine and we disappeared into darkness. Until I found myself upright in a bed, in some kind of temple with an old fart standing over me.


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