Punk Visit

At half blood camp a rare goddess arives with Pheme and her brother Ares


1. The News report

Percy Jackson sat with Sally his mom at the breakfast table as the news reporter talked as his new little sister Aria came crawling out his parents bed room the news reporter said," a strange teenager was spotted in the famous Greek temple as a fire blared in the back! She warned someone in Greek language then hopped on a gigantic motorcycle and sped away. What did she say and did she cause the bonfire? The teen girl made Percy feel mad . Like he wanted to hit someone.like the feeling Ares caused. The girl had said." Half-bloods of the world go to camp early !" She had black everything and her hair was blonde. The sides were braided back while some of it hung on a pony tail. ". Mom!" Percy said catching his mom's attention. She

nodded. Two hours later Percy wason his was with bags packed . Once at the familiar strawberry field Percy said his good byes and ran towards the the barrier. Grover patted him on the back in greeting."Hey man ! Where's Chiron ?!" He said a rush."where he always is". Grover said  confused. They both rushed to the office. "Welcome back Peter Johnson!" Mr.D said annoyingly. "Er.. Percy ". Percy

corrected Dionysous waved his hand

dismissively  as he crunched his Coke can. Percy looked at Chiron."Do you know what's happening?" He asked." Son! Who doesn't! This is the biggest event ever!" Mr D interrupted." It's deafentlying  exciting".

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