Punk Visit

At half blood camp a rare goddess arives with Pheme and her brother Ares


2. The Ending War!

 Percy looked at Chiron confusingly." Percy Just watch". He said. Percy notice the whole camp going towards the  Rachel's cabin. He joined Annabeth. She turned a smiled. "Hey you ready?" She asked." For what ?" He asked " The big quest!" She said. Rachel greeted them. Once inside the door slammed and locked itself. Rachel began to chant spewing green must from her mouth."The son of the water and the son of the sun,daughter of Athena and daughter of war with a saytr will join two Godly siblings with the gossip . They will go to find  the one who has the power of Death a destruction. Three will gain and five may remain..."  Rachel stopped and fell to the ground. A voice to the crowd said. " that didn't even rhyme!"  Suddenly a roar of a Motorcycle sounded. The camp ran out side just in time to see too gigantic bikers fall from the sky and land inside the camp. One had too be Ares . But who was the other one. A winged teenager fluttered next to the new visitor. She had orange short hair and orange eyes. Are took off his helmet as the winged goddess whispered something in the Others ear. She took off her helmet and Percy recognize her from the News." Welcome Eris and Ares and Pheme!" 

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