Punk Visit

At half blood camp a rare goddess arives with Pheme and her brother Ares


4. Power binding

The Big Quest was the Olympian Games. The three chosen Gods would bind there powers. But they would only be able too  do small things. They Quest was a big game! Rules. Please don't kill the demigods.! Traditional. Eris was the first to get her powers binded. She held her hand out. Chiron took a needle and sucked her gold blood out. She winced. Once the gold blood was drawn they mixed it with ambrosia. She drank it. A little while later a blue mist came from her body it  floated lifeless in the air. Chiron trapped in a jar. Eris took a step back. She gum fell out her mouth she looked dizzy. She passed out. Pheme offered to go next. Instead of her blood the plucked a feather out of her wing then burn it a mix it with ambrosia. Once Pheme was done complaining about the taste she tumbled in a deep sleep. Ares was next. It was his blood . They moved the goddesses out the way so Ares would smash them with his weight.  Then in a flash the whole camp was exported to the start line. Greece.  

Percy, Sebastian, Annabeth, Classrise, Grover, And the rest of the camp woke up in a Different world. It was weird. It was a Neighborhood but there was the strange smell. Like the sea mixed with rotten food. " Were are we?" Percy asked."No, no you've got to be kidding me!" Eros muttered. " I think I'm going to throw up!" Pheme whined

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