Punk Visit

At half blood camp a rare goddess arives with Pheme and her brother Ares


3. Eris

a boiling of anger swept through Percy . The Goddess had a sweaty  face with dirt smudges in her hair. Her sunglasses made it impossible for you to see her eyes. They other Goddess was fluttering around asking people questions then writing it down. Annabeth closed her hands in a tight fist. Ares glared Percy like he took his sword and stabbed his sister. Percy notice some guys checking out Eris. She did look pretty. But she also looked like if you got to close she'd slit your throat. The campers bowed down.  Eris took a police bat from her belt then bit of the end in chewed on it like bubble gum, funny not funny she blew it into a bubble. She toss the bat in the air and it transformed into a staff. If Percy remembered correctly Eris would stab the staff in the ground and the whole ground would split open and dark poison gas would rise up making you a slow and painful death. Eris spotted Percy and raised a eyebrow. "This the one who you said battled you and  threatened you and shows no signs of respect?" She asked. Ares nodded. Pheme  flew over. " here were  Folkz with extremely brave heri that..." Pheme started. With a mic in her hand." Pheme!" Eris warned showing a cut it out motion." Don't worry no one got decapatated!" Pheme  giggled stupidly. Eris slapped her hand to her eyes. Obviously Pheme wasn't the smartest." Why'd we bring her again?" Ares asked." We didn't she followed!" Eris whined



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