Caged Bird

Olivia is a girl that somehow has wings.
It's the second semester of school and so far nobody found out, other than her friend Carey, who already knew.
Olivia then starts to gain love interests, kind of. But she knows in a matter of time somebody will find out. And somebody's bound to get hurt.

The rating will change over time, in later chapters there may be smut or adult themes so I'm keeping this at yellow until I change my mind.


2. Chapter 2~Literal Torture

I climb awkwardly into the gym shower, locking the stall behind me. I sigh in relief as I gently take off my jacket, fluttering my feathers softly, I take off the rest of my clothes, setting them aside and away from where the water's gonna hit. I absolutely hate the gym shower, the water shoots out and pierces your back with hard cold water, and when you turn the heat up it either turns boiling hot, or more freezing. The frigid air of the locker room sent goosebumps down my spine. A loud bang on the stall door makes me jolt in surprise, letting out a small yelp.

"C'mon birdy! Hurry up! It's dodgeball time!" Called out Carey, I turned on the shower and it pierced my back with freezing cold water. I let out a surprised sound and jolt forward a bit. I quickly used a damp washcloth to pat down my wings while I slip my gym clothes on, of course pulling my jacket over my wings uncomfortably. Carey sits on a bench next to the stall holding a stopwatch.

"Five minutes. New Record." She remarks, a cocky smile spread across her face. I only roll my eyes in return.

"Now let's go! You'll be my first pick!" Carey excitedly exclaimed, pulling my arm while running out to the gym, forcing me to run alongside her. Holy shit she's fast. We stop in the gym, everybody standing at the center circle, ready to receive instructions from our teacher. The class was mostly made up of athletic people. Which scared me a little because they're taller and stronger while I'm here trying not to break my fragile bones.

"Alright!" The gym teacher yelled, blowing her whistle loud enough for everyone to hear. Since I was closest to her it almost made my ears bleed, great. The commotion and side conversations immediately halted. She then went on and on about how to play dodgeball correctly, yada yada. It's not like anybody in this class has sportsmanship. A sad but true thought. Everybody acts like its the hunger games, always competitive. I sigh and look around the gym. This semester is really interestingly strange. My schedules change mid-year so I'm not used to the many unrecognizable faces. My eyes stopped and shot wide open once I saw a familiar face that I just wanted to forget, the whistle blows and I stand up and rush to Carey, tears in my eyes. She only gave me a confused look, but she knew I was having one of my many panic attacks. My eye sight blurred. Did he see me? It's so embarrassing seeing him here, in this gym. Just as I thought he moved away after middle school. Carey asked the teacher if she could take me to the bathroom, because I was clearly in the state of breaking down. The teacher agreed and Carey basically had to carry me to the bathroom. We sat down on a bench and I cried into her shoulder. She's such an amazing friend. I calmed down and starred at my hands.

"Well that was the first time I've seen you freak out since freshman year. What's up?" Carey had the sense of worry in her voice.

"I-I saw....Zac" was the only thing I could say through my stuttering and my tears. Carey only nodded.

"I thought he had moved after middle school." I say, a little more calm. Carey sighs and sandwiches my face in between her hands.

"Look Livi," she began, almost sounding like my mom, "that was middle school, maybe he's changed. It was a matter of time until you found out he's still here. Now. If he starts doing anything to you, I'll bombard him with dodgeballs." I laugh at her comment, I sigh and stand up and both of us leave the locker room to go out onto the gym floor. Thank god I was on the same team as Carey.

The whistle blows and dodgeball fly in every direction. In the midst of the rioting chaos, Zac's eyes lock onto mine. The most burning sense of energy flushed through me, and without thinking I grab a ball and chuck it as hard as I could towards him. After I technically used all my strength on the one throw and stumble backwards a few steps. The ball hit him straight in the thigh and he falls over. Carey high fives me in victory. Yet I still felt terrible.

I look back towards him, he was standing up, the most evil smirk on his face. God, if I could kill him right now. I definitely would. He shouts to me, his voice was the last thing I wanted to hear.

"The little birdie has quite the throw!" He shouts, and my heart stood still, I did too. I need to faint but I don't want to show him how weak I am. A hard pressure in my chest made everything seem like I was underwater. My vision darkened and I couldn't feel anything. I was holding so much back, it was itching at my chest wanting release. I can't, I would look weak and useless. Then I snapped into the worst flashback of my life. Yet it was only noises. Grotesque and painful to listen to, I let my knees become weak, I fell onto them and I held my head, it was pounding with so many weak and pathetic thoughts and feelings that wanted release. They itched at every nerve, every cell. They needed release and it was agonizing torture. I don't want this. I never wanted this. My body gradually felt smaller until I can only fall limp onto the gym floor.

Authors Note

I'm sorry if this one is pretty short, I wanted there to be mostly emotional conflict between two of the main characters. If you're confused what's happening, I don't blame you. But next chapter will have some answers 😉

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