Caged Bird

Olivia is a girl that somehow has wings.
It's the second semester of school and so far nobody found out, other than her friend Carey, who already knew.
Olivia then starts to gain love interests, kind of. But she knows in a matter of time somebody will find out. And somebody's bound to get hurt.

The rating will change over time, in later chapters there may be smut or adult themes so I'm keeping this at yellow until I change my mind.


1. Chapter 1~Are Those Butterflies?

My eyes instinctively blink open due to the morning smell of nutty waffles. I stand up and stretch, brushing off the feathers that loosely fell onto my bed, totally embarrassing. I advert my gaze to my mirror, I outstretched my wings, they spread about five feet on each side. I sigh, embarrassed by my large shoulder blade extensions. But now isn't the time for sad regret. It was of course the beginning of the second semester of my senior year. Only a few more months and I'm finally able to achieve the dream of being a professional pilot.

"Olivia!" My mom exclaims, shit, I forgot how long j was staring at my reflection. I was just in an awe of how mature my wings have grown, I'm actually able to fly myself to school, yet there's always the anxiety of being spotted out. I quickly slip on my clothes, folding my wings up in a cramped and uncomfortable way so I can cover them up with my jacket. My back looked normal, which was good, my mom is always worried about shit like that.

Speaking of which.

I head downstairs, skidding into the kitchen at full speed , staring at the counter to see that only half a waffle was saved. I glare at my smaller siblings, they giggle and run off with their pockets stuffed with their breakfasts. Mom carefully examines my back, she takes a black feather out of my hair.

"You should start being more careful with your feathers, dear." Mom states, beginning another lecture.

"Yes mom. I know" I say sarcastically, restating the lecture she gives me almost every day. I grab the waffle from the plate and take a bite.

"I'm finally eighteen now. I think I can handle myself now." I laugh out, my mom only smiles and waves me out the door. "Go on." I smile back at my mom and I give her a kiss on the cheek. I begin to rush out the door, grabbing my bag on the way out. The cold bitter air of late January bites at my face.

I hear familiar and faster footsteps rush up behind me, I turn to look at my friend, but only end up getting tackled and slipping onto the ground.

"Carey, what the hell?" I groan, rubbing my back, my wings stung due to the impact.

"Hu Hu Hu," she laughs, "I couldn't but help to hug my favorite feathery friend!" I shush her before anybody could overhear.

"Dude! Not out loud!" I hiss through my teeth. Carey seems to catch on and she nods.

"Whoops! Sorry mate!" She giggles. She stands up and lends me a hand, helping me back onto my feet. We talk about normal school stuff as we walked along the sidewalk. Carey has been my best friend for as long as I could remember, she's also one of the only people that know about my wings. We both sigh in unison while walking, our warm breaths visible in the frigid air.

"So," Carey starts, I turn to her, "Since it's like winter you know. Why don't you migrate?" I rolled my eyes at the question, it was a pretty stupid one.

"I honestly don't know," I laugh, "maybe it's the human in me that wants to stay." I laugh again, Carey does too.

"Oh yeah I forgot you weren't completely a were-bird" Carey states, a confused look started to play itself on my face. Carey notices and laughs again.

"It's like a werewolf but a bird" Carey laughs out. I let out a small 'oh' while walking along the sidewalk.

The city lights were way off into the distance, giving me the sudden instinct to take off my jacket and fly to the city. I've always wanted to visit it, maybe people won't be so suspicious. Maybe I'll meet somebody like me? Star angle thoughts circled my mind as I completely space out. I snap out of it when Carey whistles and waves her hasn't in my face.

"Earth to birdy." She cooed jokingly, I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry I spaced out." I sigh.

"You always do when you look over at the city."

"Instincts I guess"

"Yeah yeah."

After what seemed to be about an hour we actually made it to the school, though I'm certain our pointless small talk made us go in circles a bit. We both walked in through the gates of the large public school. Carey ran off to catch up with her baseball buds, while I sit on a bench and stare at the sky. My tired eyelids slowly shut while I daydreamed about soaring through the clouds, hopefully with somebody by my side. I sigh, then jolt out of my trance when somebody sits next to me. I turn to see who it was.

"Oh. Hey James." I smile at him, then notice he's reading about birds. Well, to be elaborate. He's doing a bird crossword in a bird magazine, he seems to be stuck on the last word. I point at it so I too can figure it out.

"Oh!" I exclaim, "It's 'Aerodynamic'" James looks over at me, surprised and also startled at the same time.

"How do you know about that?" James questions "I've been trying to figure out this crossword for a week." I shrug, getting nervous. My mind was racing and my heart was in my throat, I gulp.

"W-well you see... I'm actually really into birds. And stuff." I stutter. It was clear that I was trying to lie, but about what? I am really into bird anatomy and aerodynamics. I think it might be the fact that I didn't want him to find out about my large attachments.

"I can tell you're lying, Olivia." He says, his eyes were displeasing to say the least. Disappointed with the sense of unwanted curiosity.

"Well. I'm just saying," I begin, regaining my composure, "I am really into birds and stuff, I only read about them in my spare time and I just happened to come across the word 'aerodynamic'." I shrugged, hoping this cover was good enough. James looked at me strangely then flips to a word scramble. He's such a child sometimes. I watch him, sometimes helping him out on the words like 'Parrot' and 'Red Breasted Robin'. We seemed to have a little fun, I even caught him blushing every now and then. He's such a weird dork.

The bell suddenly rings and we both stand up. I decided out of the blue to grab his glasses and put them on. It feels weird but I laugh as he reached toward me. I run off with his glasses, giving them back to him as he walks into his first period classroom. I walk to mine, just next door. I'm actually a pretty good student, especially in geography. The heater in the room was broken so hot air stung at my back, having me try to reposition my wings so the delicate feathers won't be matted with sweat. It was basically torture but the lesson was alright nonetheless. I spaced out again, looking around the room. I stare at the guy sitting next to me, Ethan. He's a part of the soccer team, which explains his tall and slightly muscular build. He's admirable to say the least, but I'm 99% sure he already has a girlfriend. Which is a bummer because I really kinda like him. He catches me staring and our eyes meet, I shake my head and snap out of my daydream, only to hear Ethan chuckle.

"What's so funny?" I whisper to him. Good thing the teacher put on a video and was already asleep at their desk.

"You" Ethan shrugs. I felt my face go hot as a light crimson appeared on my face, good thing the blush wasn't visible in the dimmed lights of the classroom. I guess Ethan noticed anyway. His hand cupped around my left cheek. Why is he so good at flirting?! I jolt up then gently push back, my wings start to flutter. I try my best to not fall into a giant puddle of fluttering mush. I place my head on the desk. God damn it. I open my eyes to see Ethan carrying me away from the classroom. Startled I jolted again and tried to push him away. His grasp was too strong.

"What the hell are you doing?" I hissed through my teeth, holding back another blush.

"You passed out on the desk, I felt your forehead and you were burning up so I decided to bring you to the nurse" Ethan said, with actual slight concern in his voice. To be honest the cooler air of the hallway made me feel a bit better.

"It might be because you're wearing that thick jacket." Ethan's gaze averts to my jacket and he starts to slowly pull it off. I grab his hand.

"Dude! What the fuck are you doing?!" I yell softly, trying not to gain any attention.

"You're burning up, it's the least I could do." Ethan snaps back, pulling my jacket up once more. I push him away. I stand up holding my jacket down. Ethan looks surprised at my pissed face, with a slight hint of blush.

"Are you wearing nothing underneath?" He asked, it was a stupid question.

"Y-yeah.." My lying stutters might've sounded like I was flustered. Just because I saw Ethan's face become bewildered.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry I thought-" he began, but I cut him off.

"No no. It's alright, mistakes happen."

We both awkwardly stared at each other. Who would've thought a popular guy isn't much of an asshole. Speaking of which. Ethan's soccer buddies came running down the hall due to them spotting Ethan. I only stand off to the side, hoping to sneak off to class but I too got surrounded by taller assholes. My shorter state makes me look like I'm a freshman, so they start picking on me.

"Are you lost, baby?"

"Why are you out here all alone, freshman."

The embarrassing teasing was normal for me, but damn it felt so bad. A guy hugged me, saying I was like a teddy bear, I pushed them off.

"I'm a fucking senior, dipshits!" I yell at them, my eyes stinging with held back tears.

"Jesus, no need to get all defensive."


"But you're so short."

"Still looks like a freshman."

I storm off, pushing through the crowd of conceded assholes. I sat down in the bathroom for the rest of the period. I listened to music faintly on my phone, hoping that the bell would ring soon.

🎶Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life

You were always waiting for this moment to arrive🎶

The bell rings. I head off to gym, scared like always, it's always gym where I almost get caught.


Authors Note

I hoped ya guys liked the first chapter of this new story, it's probably gonna be one of my favorites. I'm still thinking about maybe adding in some fluff(or smut) but it's still a maybe. Also I'm really corny with love triangles, or love shapes, whatever.

Anyways! I hope to update as much as possible!

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