This story is about a sexual triangle


7. 7

Chapter 7

  I was pleased that Dave wouldn’t come with me to Angela’s that evening for no way did I want him to witness me doing things that he would think perverse, at the same time it left me free to indulge in more of the forbidden fruit I had enjoyed so much.

   “Where’s Dave.” Angela asked when she opened the door.

    I didn’t lie and said, “I think he was too scared to come, and to be honest I am pleased he’s not here if we’re going to have sex.”  

   “Nonsense,” Angela replied angrily for, she was disappointed. She had planned to confront them by showing each the videos of the other enjoying perverse sex. And by doing so dispel any embarrassment 

allowing them to move on to what she really wanted a threesome. 

   That evening after having sex with Angela, I had gone home feeling upset. I must admit, I hadn’t enjoyed the sex. Angela had been a right bitch and had taken out her frustration of Dave not being there on me. She had been heavy handed, leaving me both sore and hurt. I vowed never to return. No way could I tolerate such behaviour. Even Dave on his bad days had never been so abusive.

   After Cindy had left Angela regretted the way she had treated her. Although frustrated at Dave not showing up as planned, no way should she have vented her temper out on poor Cindy. Yet she had to admit it had felt so good at the time. She knew that she would enjoy watching the secret video she had taken of the whole thing.

   Dave was really pissed off. He knew he should have gone with Cindy to Angela’s, but no way could he allow Cindy to see his other side. What would she have thought if Angela had started telling him what to do?

   I almost didn’t go to the lecture this morning because it meant first seeing Dave who would want to know about what happened last night. Then later having to be pleasant to Angela, which I would find difficult after the way she had treated me.

   To my surprise Dave didn’t ask me anything about last night. In fact, he ignored the subject completely. Instead he complemented me on how nice I looked. Then later when I was confronted by Angela, she was all apologetic saying she was sorry and could I forgive her this one time for being such a bitch.

   Once again after the lecture Angela asked both Dave and I back to her house for supper that evening. She had already assured me at lunch break that no way would there be a repeat performance of last night’s abusive sex. Dave was still reluctant to come but I stupidly persuaded him to collect me. 

   The food was great and the conversation was stimulating, that’s until after the desert when the shit hit the fan. Angela showed us her home movies.

   Omg! Seeing Dave wearing only underpants acting like a dog being lead around by an actual dog collar and leash was bad enough but seeing myself performing and enjoying perverse sex acts was something else.

   Dave was the first to react. He blamed me for befriending Angela and how he had warned me right from the start not to associate with someone of her kind.

   To this I responded angrily and we carried on arguing   between ourselves for several minutes. Eventually I pointed out that I wasn’t the one being lead around the bedroom on all fours and barking like a dog. Dave insisted he wasn’t barking.

   It was Angela laughing that stop me from replying. I had been so incensed by Dave’s attack I had clean forgotten she was even there.

   I must admit her laughing at our embarrassment was annoying, but the puppy dog look, on Dave’s face was enough to set me off. Somehow, I couldn’t help myself now that everything had been exposed, I found the whole situation farcical.   



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