This story is about a sexual triangle


6. 6

Chapter 6 

  I felt a lot better this morning. The pain had almost gone. Walking normally, I arrived at the lecture hall to find it almost full. “Damn,” I thought, I had forgotten that today they had a guest lecturer. Looking around I noticed that Dave and Angela had left an empty seat between them for me.   

   “Hello,” I said giving Dave a kiss. “Thanks for saving me a seat.”

   “You’re welcome,” Dave replied but instead of moving over he indicated that I should move passed him and occupy the empty seat in the middle.

   “Hello,” Angela said, “So you’re feeling better today.”

   “Yes, thanks’ for asking,” I said as I sat down, “I had a good soak in the bath and went to bed with some pain killers yesterday, which seems to have done the trick because this morning the swelling and soreness had gone. 


   Dave was uncomfortable and had deliberately left an empty space between Angela and himself, using it as a sort of mental as well as a physical divide between his everyday strong male persona and his weak one, where he enjoyed being a slave and being dominated. Thankfully Cindy, feeling better, had arrived to fill the gap.                           


   Angela had to smile at Dave’s reaction. She enjoyed the power she now had over him.

   This morning while still in bed, she had relived the S and M session they’d had last night. She watched the video she had secretly taken. She had especially found the part where he was acting like a dog wearing only underpants and her leading him around using an actual dog collar and leash which she found most stimulating.


  It felt most strange sitting here in between my two friends or should I say lovers. To my right was Angela with her distinctive smell of perfume which evoked thoughts of forbidden pleasure and to my left was Dave’s with his overpowering animal scent. I was getting wet down below just imagining both of them together in bed with me. By lunchtime I had got my emotions under control and only had a damp patch to worry about.


   Dave needn’t have worried about talking to Angela in front of Cindy because as they were leaving the lecture hall Cindy grabbed both of their hands and marched them as a threesome through the college gates and into the nearby park well away from everybody else.


   Once sitting on the grass. I demanded, “What’s wrong with you two?”

  It was Dave who spoke up first, “Yesterday, after you left I went back to Angela’s place and things sort of happened.”

  “Oh yes knowing Angela I bet they did.”

  Angela just smiled and asked, “How’s your neck Dave still sore.”

   This remark prompted me to look at Dave’s neck which certainly looked red. Then back to Angela for an explanation.  Thankfully for Dave’s sake Angela didn’t mention the dog collar, instead she invited us both back to her place that evening.

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