This story is about a sexual triangle


5. 5

Chapter 5

Every step I took hurt. Last night’s sex with Angela was great. I had found using a dildo, was unlike having sex with Dave where he would grow soft afterwards, the dildo hadn’t done so enabling, me to actually have an orgasm, rather than pretending to have one just to bolster Dave's ego. However, today I was paying for it.


   Dave was still not happy with Cindy. Yesterday evening had been a dead loss. The cost of the food still riled him, worst of all, he had felt so randy. Later alone he had been forced to toss off watching a video, instead of as getting his leg over as planned.


   Angela watched Dave walk in to the lecture hall. She could see he had dark circles around his eyes which was a sure sign he had been having sex of some kind. This of course couldn’t have been with Cindy who was with her last night. She noted, sympathetically poor Cindy painfully following up the steps behind Dave.

   Angela could still remember her first time of receiving a dildo fuck and how it had felt so good. Then for several days afterwards she found walking and even sitting uncomfortable and had to lay off sex until the swelling went down.


   Funnily enough I was relieved that Dave was still annoyed at me and seemed to be getting on well with Angela who was sitting on the other side of him. Just the thought of having sex with him or anyone else right now was certainly out of the question. In fact, I was so sore, I was seriously thinking of giving up sex forever.


    Angela knowing how Cindy must be feeling took every opportunity during the lecture to distract Dave, so as to leave Cindy some breathing space to just sit there quietly and manage the pain. She played this game of how many times she could touch Dave.

She would reach over and touch his arm to get his attention, and then write on her pad a question, pretending not to understand some point the lecturer was making. Then, when he returned her pad with the explanation, she would make sure their hands would touch.

    On one occasion, instead of writing on the pad she went in close and whispered, “Thank you.”

Dave smiling back replied, “Your welcome.”  


   Dave had at first been annoyed by Angela’s constant interruptions during the lecture. Maybe it was the physical thing of her actually grabbing his arm to gain his attention or maybe the occasional touching of their hands when he gave the pad back to her. Dave could not say, but he began to enjoy it. He especially liked it when she moved in close and whispered a thank you in his ear, and then when she move away. The lingering smell of her perfume excited him.                           


Omg it was really bad. I couldn’t get comfortable, the seating in the lecture hall was really hard. At least Angela was keeping Dave occupied leaving me to wallow in pain. I wish I wasn’t there or at least had brought a cushion to sit on. I stuck it out until lunchtime, then I told Dave I needed to go straight home. Once again using the excuse of that time of the month.


   After lunch and once again back in the lecture hall.  Angela decided now that Cindy had gone she would continue her game of touching Dave and to see how far she could go before he stopped her.  


   Dave had a dilemma, what to do about Angela? Cindy had gone home. During the morning lecture the touching game he had played with Angela had been a bit of fun that couldn’t have gone anywhere. Now they were alone the possibilities were endless.

   Angela went to bed laughing, Dave had just left. She had certainly had an interesting evening of S and M. She had been surprised how easy it had been to persuade poor sex starved Dave to visit her and that he enjoyed being dominated.     


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