This story is about a sexual triangle


4. 4

Chapter 4

   Dave was really pleased with himself. He had got two tickets to the last night of proms which normally were unobtainable. A friend who couldn’t go because of a death in the family had given them to him for nothing.

   When they got to the main entrance Dave discovered to his disappointment that the tickets were not for seats.

   So, for the next two hours he had to injure standing in the centre of the auditorium pretending to enjoy himself with Cindy and several hundred-other people bobbing up and down to the sound of the music.

   To crown it all after the concert when he suggested going back to his place for some fun and games, Cindy had told him she had a head ache and when pressed admitted she wasn’t really up for sex as it was that time of month.

   The thing that really pissed him off was she could have said something earlier. So, saving him the expense of having to pay for food in the café at the back of the concert hall, which to his horror had cost a fortune?


   I had mixed feelings I liked having sex with Dave most of the time. But since Angela had come on the scene, showing me a new way of enjoying sex, I felt somewhat liberated. It was like a drug, having tasted the forbidden fruit I wanted more. With that in mind I arrived at Angela’s place.

   “Hello, come in,” Angela greeted me with a kiss on the lips.

  I found this rather embarrassing even if those lips and tongue had already touched me in a more private part of my body it still felt strange being kissed by another woman.       

   I noticed that Angela was already in a dressing gown with pyjama legs showing. Without saying another word Angela took my hand and led me upstairs to bed.

   After some foreplay Angela sprung her surprise, which turned out to be her pretending to be a man by using a strap on a dildo in the shape of a man’s cock.

   To say I was shocked was an understatement. Just the look of it was frightening enough. I thought Dave was well endowed but this thing appeared big. Yet funny enough it certainly hit the spot and the good thing about it was that no way could Angela accidentally get me pregnant. 


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