This story is about a sexual triangle


3. 3

Chapter 3                   

   “O M G!” I screamed as I jumped out of bed it was late, we had overslept and the alarm hadn’t woken us.

   Angela told me, “Calm down and come back to bed.”

   “But Dave will be waiting for me at the college entrance,” I said now beginning to panic.

   “No, he won’t. We’ve already missed the start of the lecture. There’s nothing we can do about that. So be a good girl and come back to bed.” Angela said encouragingly.

  I did as she said and automatically snuggled up to Angela while thinking about what excuse I could give to Dave for my absence when I met up with him later. In the meantime, I would enjoy the sex.


   Dave was upset with Cindy, “Where were you this morning?” he demanded.  

   “My car had a flat tyre,” I lied, and then embellished it by telling him the garage had found a nail stuck in the tyre.  

   “So why didn’t you answer your phone,” Dave said looking puzzled.  

   “Sorry I must have switched the phone off accidentally and when I eventually got your message it was too late; the lecture had already started.” I said this cursing myself for not sending him a message earlier. Thinking maybe next time I would be more prepared.


   At lunch time I usually brought sandwiches with me but, of course, today I had forgotten. So was forced to visit the college coffee bar or go hungry.

  Dave wasn’t too happy with Cindy not only had she missed the morning lecture but had forgotten to bring their packed lunch.

  “Oh Hell,” I thought I could see Angela at the counter being served.

   Thankfully Angela a born liar seeing the concern on Cindy’s face. After saying, “Hello,” asked, “Cindy can I copy your notes for this morning’s lecture? I over slept and, as you know, I missed the whole bloody thing.”

   Dave laughed and said, “You’ll both have copy my notes then because Cindy also missed the lecture, she had car trouble this morning.”


   In the toilets, before the afternoon lecture, I told Angela, “I almost wet myself when I first saw you in the coffee bar. I thought you were marvellous the way you handled the situation."

   “Yes, it was a near thing. I calculated you hadn’t mentioned seeing me to Dave. Otherwise it wouldn’t have worked,” Angela replied.     

   “Well at least I thought up the excuse of having car trouble to tell Dave,” I said, and then stated, “The only problem was I didn’t text him that I couldn’t make it to the lecture.”

   “Unfortunately, you can’t use the car trouble excuse again with both of us being absent. It might get Dave thinking something was up,” Angela said laughing.

   “Dave is busy tonight. It being Tuesday, he goes to his photo club,” I said looking pointedly at Angela. 

   Angela just smiled and said, “Come around to my place after ten.”


   “Oh hell,” I thought I had been looking forward to seeing Angela tonight. I had even chosen in my mind what underwear I would wear.

   “Well what do you think?” Dave asked.

   “Yes, yes, that sounds great.” I said with a smile on my face, what else could I say, sorry but no I have a hot date tonight.

   Apparently, Dave had changed his mind about going to the photo club this evening. He wanted to take me out instead.


   Angela was not too pleased when Cindy broke the news that she couldn’t make it tonight. Damn Dave she thought, and suggested, “Come around afterwards anyway I don’t mind how late it is.”

    “I’d love to,” I said, “But Dave will expect me to stay the night at his place afterwards.”

   “That’s a pity I had something special planned for tonight Angela said in a very seductive voice.

   “Oh God just the thought of being with you is making me wet,” I said, “But usually when I stay over with Dave he expects sex.”

   “Can’t you say you’ve got a head ache or something,” Angela suggested.


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