This story is about a sexual triangle


2. 2

Chapter 2 

   After the lecture I let Dave as usual carry my bag of books down from our seats to the lecture hall entrance. There I stopped with the pretence of tying up my shoelaces. I dawdled long enough to allow for Angela to catch up.

   “Hello Angela what did you think of the lecture?” I asked. 

   “To be honest I thought it rather boring,” Angela replied knowing full well that Dave had been glued to every word the speaker had uttered. She was rewarded when he took the bait and joined in.

   “You’re mistaken or can’t have been listening properly.” Dave then went on for the next fifteen minutes to explain exactly what he thought the lecturer was getting at. 

   Close up Angela thought Dave wasn’t so bad looking and as for his body, if the bulge he was showing down below was any indication, he was certainly well endowed. She could understand why Cindy was prepared to put up with him. Thankfully he finished explaining before she started to imagine what it would be like to go to bed with him.


   I had observed Angela pretending to listen to Dave and how she was reacting to Dave’s animal persona. Strangely, I found myself feeling jealous.


   Dave had been annoyed at first when Cindy having difficulty doing up her shoelaces enabling Angela to join them. When Cindy had asked about the lecture it was obvious that Angela saying it was boring meant she hadn’t understood. Of course, he had to say something. The funny thing, Dave found he had enjoyed explaining everything to Angela and was pleased with how she had nodded in agreement whenever he stressed a point.


   After Angela had left, I found Dave was in a better mood. He thought Angela wasn’t such bad a person, and he’d enjoyed talking to her. He told me, to my amazement that next time we should all sit together in the lecture hall.   


   I was pleased with myself. That my plan to get Dave to accept Angela as a friend rather than that lesbian bitch had succeeded.

   Later that evening when I met up with Angela, this time sober, I found the sex once again most satisfying. Afterwards while lying in bed we had a good laugh over how Dave, who loved the sound of his own voice, couldn’t resist having another person to dazzle with his boring opinions.

   I also had to admit that I sometimes got so bored that I would deliberately say something outlandish just to provoke Dave.


   Angela was pleased to learn from Cindy after the great sex that Dave now considered her a possible friend. Maybe, if she played her cards right, Angela thought she could also bed Dave without upsetting the thing she now had with Cindy.


   Dave had always been able to attract girls of a particular kind like Cindy who funnily enough, although they served a purpose, wasn’t what he really wanted.  Angela represented the type he liked except they had to be straight.


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