glimmering in the night


1. Light

     The door closes with a soft but intentional thud. The light floats to the center of the room and stares at the door; wishing to itself something other than it would make it open. It gets up, eases the door ajar slowly and listens intently to the sounds of the atmosphere functioning without the light's interruption. The light opens its mouth to let out a silent scream, but as the growth of silence feels like the world crashing down on every fiber in its existence, the silence just seems to get louder and more intense.  As if the silence itself was shutting everything the light wanted away without doing anything at all. Suddenly feeling vulnerable the light slammed the door as lightly and softly as it could; only adding to the depth of nothing. The light then lost track of what it was doing and thought it was running to the bullhorn but instead stumbled upon the night sky. Looking up at the darkness that consumed it, the light burst into the blackness creating a silvery flash that only wanted to be herd. 

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