My House

Milo is a senior in high school, his dad is a drunk and his mom has finally decided to get a divorce. Milo has to move to a new house where he meets a boy named Theodore but Theo isn't "normal"...he's a ghost! Theo helps Milo discover many things about himself.


1. The Library

“Milo!” Tali screamed at me from across the street. “Come over here!” I walked over obediently checking both ways before crossing the street. Tali was my best friend, well only friend. Her name is really Tallulah but she hates long names so people just call her Tali or Tal if you’re really close,like me. “What are you doing today?”

    “I was just walking to the library before you spotted me.”

    “What’s at the library.”

    “I need to pick up a book for english class.”

    “Ah… So when are you guys moving?” My mom and my dad were getting a divorce so my mom and I were moving to a new house out in the country. I knew that that someday they were going to split up,my dad is a severe alcoholic and my mom finally decided that it was time to get out of that situation, but I didn’t think it would be the beginning of my senior year.

    “Next week. But it’s not that bad, I’ll be in the same school and have a huge forest in the back yard to explore so that’s cool.”

    “We should totally party there someday.” Tali was being sarcastic because both her and I hate going to parties, she was just trying to cheer me up.

    “Yeah, only if there is clown and some birthday cake.” I replied with even more sarcasm.

    “Naturally” we laughed. Tali was the only person in this town that I actually liked. We had the same taste in pretty much everything except books,she liked sci-fi and horror while I liked romance and poetry. I loved the really cheesy romance novels or the erotic ones that only middle aged married woman liked. She couldn’t stand them and I couldn’t stand her books unless there was a romantic relationship or sex in it.

    “While, here’s the library.” I realised we had almost walked past the library.

    “See ya later Milo, and just call me up when you’re ready for that party.”

    “You bet! See ya.” I walked into the library and tried to make my way to where they kept William Shakespeare, but I couldn't help stumbling into the romance section when I saw a woman holding a book,reading the synopsis, that had a half naked man vigorously grabbing a womans ass from in front of her. So I spent half an hour in that section trying to find a new book to read and ended up picking the book the woman was holding after she had set it back down. I soon made my way to the shakespeare section of the library,quickly grabbed Othello off the shelf and made my way to the counter to checkout. As I made my way outside I realised it had gotten reasonably dark since I walked in and I called my mom to pick me up.

    I waited inside,for what seemed like an hour,and scrolled through facebook on the computers until I felt the buzz in my pocket that was the text from my mom saying that she was here. I ran outside and looked for the beaten up silver prius, it was easy to spot and I got in.

“Hi sweetheart.”

“Hi mom.”

“What book did you find?”

Othello and Knight Of Stars.”

“I read that one, get ready for a big ‘surprise’ at the end.” My mom and I were very close and she loves Romance novels just as much as I do. She married my dad when she was eighteen, they had just finished high school and she wasn’t ready to marry him. She wanted to be a writer but then she fell in love with a drunk. And I was born a few years later. I’m happy we are finally moving out so that my mom can have her life back.

We made our way into the driveway,mom parked the car and we just sat.

“Has he been drinking?”

“Just, don’t let him see you with that book.” I set the book in my book bag and we reluctantly got out of the car. I walked through the door and saw my dad passed out on the couch. I walked as fast and as quietly as I could to my bedroom. I set my bag down and laid down on my bed. I stared at the piles of boxes that surrounded my bed. I was so happy we were finally leaving, but for some reason I still felt depressed and like I was missing something. I looked up at my ceiling with the glow in the dark stars and quickly fell asleep.

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