Dreams Come True(ON HOLD)


1. The Quest

Once There was a girl named Luna She was an Earth Goddess, she didn't know that she was an Earth Goddess But one day on her 21st birthday her parents said "Luna we have to tell you something, you are an Moon Goddess and you are special" Luna didn't believe them of course because she knew that goddesses were not real just in stories and so she said "Oh I only thought they were in stories i still do prove it that i am an goddess" her parents proved her by using their magic and made an Moon Aura then made it disappear "Oh My God i can't believe magic and goddesses are real! and anyway why are you telling me this?" said Luna Luna's parents said "you have to go to a q-quest" "OH MY GOD I CAN'T LEAVE YOU! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO!" said Luna in an angry voice "i know honey but something or someone will guide you" said mom, mom disappears so does dad and Luna suddenly teleports to a magical forest and hears a sound a sound of humming Unicorn

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