Dreams Come True(ON HOLD)


2. The Unicorn

The Unicorn Loved singing, the special thing about the Unicorn Was it could talk and its an moon Unicorn, Luna went behind bushes and peeked through them to see what it was and what is was doing "Oh My what is that!?" said Luna, Luna saw a beautiful unicorn that was Blue,White and unique she didn't notice that she was staring, Luna kept wondering what that creature was "Are you going to Daydream all day?" said the Unicorn facing Luna, Luna was startled when she heard her talk "Uhhhh No sorry for Daydreaming Uh Um" Said Luna "Oh by the way i'm Sparkle but for short i'm Spark" said Sparkle Luna was a little afraid of the Unicorn but then she asked "what a-are you?" Spark said "I'm a Unicorn duh just look at my unicorn horn!" Luna didn't notice the horn in the first place she was amazed Spark and Luna talk for a few minutes then hours and till midnight, talking to know each other Luna Stayed with Spark the Unicorn for the night

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