Dreams Come True(ON HOLD)


3. The Path

In the morning Sparkle took Luna for a tour of the GOOD side of the forest because there was a BAD side of the forest, little did Luna know that the bad side of the forest was the only escape of the forest then Luna said"what is in the bad side of the forest?" Spark said "something u do not wanna know" Luna was very curious but she just stayed with sparkle, Luna told sparkle "i almost forgot! how do i get out of here?" Sparkle said "You can only get out on the Bad side on the forest and that side is called bad because it has dark unicorns and evil wizards" Luna was scared of going to go to the Bad side still so she told sparkle"i'm going anyways!" sparkle was surprised but she didn't let Luna go alone so she was going to go with her, while Sparkle and Luna was walking to the bad side sparkle forgot the way so they got lost

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