Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


3. Three

“Do you...Uh…    Want food?”
  Awkward questions. Those usually escaped Justin’s lips after he told a lie. They were almost as if he spilt something and now was trying to cover it up.
  “Justin, we just ate.” He was definitely contemplating at the wall before his eyes shot to me, his pupils getting large and small, in a repetitive pattern.
“Oh yeah. Uhm.” I shake my head and turn the sink on so I can wash the plates we just used. Now came the part when Justin had no words. That usually settles and disappears quickly. Once it does, you know the truth is coming. Thing is, you don't know when.
  “Do you want to stay the night?” I say, partially turning around, my hands still over the sink.
“Please!’’ Justin says quickly. “I wounded up in this part of town since I got kicked out of my apartment.” I frown. Taking a risk. Don’t open your mouth Troye. Don’t. “Justin? I know we just physically met today, but since I have known you mentally for 18 years, do you wanna maybe, I dunno, wanna live with me?”
Oh, you opened your mouth, what did I tell you?
“Seriously?” Justin smiles, his face flushed. Too late to turn back now Johnson.
  “Yeah, I’m serious. Considering you got kicked out of your apartment, I would assume your bags are in your car?’’ Justin nods.
“They are, but I parked on the west side of the park. I’d rather get them tomorrow along with my car since it's getting dark. And I know you don’t like driving at night, so I won’t make you drive for us to get it. I don’t like driving at night either. If we walked, by the time we got to central, it would be pitch black.’’
  “I agree. We’ll just wait until morning.”
“Thank you so much for letting me live with you Ty, I’ll help you pay the bills and taxes. Ill help cooks the food and even pay for it. Just to make up for what you're doing for me.’’ I look at Justin after I dried my hands, taking a seat at the table. He leans against the counter looking back at me, my cheeks growing warm as he runs his fingers through his messy short, emo style hair. Which he planned on shaving, not all of it, he just wanted some curls in his hair and to dye it.
  “You don’t have to.” Justin shakes his head.
“Troye,  you’re letting me live with you. LIVE.” He emphasizes like as if I didn’t hear him the first time. “You and I only knew each other through a mindset and the day we met in person you offer for me to stay. It's the least I could do. And if you don’t want me helping you with those taxes then I’ll pay for the food and I’ll cook. Okay?”
  “Okay. Buying and cooking. Nothing more.’’ I look up at Justin who's grown a foot since he's sitting on the counter. He pulls my arm, dragging me over to him, he embarrassed me in his arms. Wrapping his legs around me. I don’t pull away, I'm not really sure why. I'm a huggable person, normally. I genuinely don’t like getting hugged randomly, but I can hug people. Not sure why I don’t like hugs, I kind of have to be prepared for them to come. I probably don’t mind it since it feels nice, I'm actually...enjoying it. I like this a lot more than mindset Justin. I would basically talk to myself, Justin just responding in my head. If I wanted to see him, I would have to close my eyes. My true loneliness (that sounded more depressing that I intentionally meant)  can be gone, that hallucinations stuff? Far behind me. I knew he was real. I proved everyone wrong. And so did Justin. Kinda. His family haven’t seen the physical me yet, but I’m sure they will.


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