Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


10. Ten

“It looks nice,’’ Justin says, finishing off the upstairs music room.
“Yeah, It does,’’ I reply, walking out of the room with him and sitting at the table that we set up in the kitchen. “It should look nice considering it took us a week just to add interior design to the upstairs.’’ Justin nods, opening the mini fridge that's just holding sodas since we shouldn't have stuff that spoils.  “Can you grab me an orange creme?” I ask Josh, going into my bag that’s on the chair next to me.  I take out my journal so I can write music and lyric ideas down. “Actually, hold the soda, I'm gonna have tea.’’  Justin sits down across from me, taking his journal out and writing down simplistic drum rudiments.  
“Do you have any songs yet?’’ I look up from my songbook, handing it to him. “You write music too?’’ I nod, showing him all the stacks of sheet music I had in my folders.  “That’s really impressive Troye, I'm only talented at drums, I'm not very good at anything else.’’
“I thought you played the trumpet or something.’’ He nods.
“Trumpet but that’s not an instrument that you use in a band, right?”  I laugh, taking a sip of the tea then choking a small bit since it was extremely hot.
“Well, it can be now. I have a ukulele, so why not a trumpet.’’  I stand up, walking into the living room that is yet still not finished, just bean bags and a T.V. I look out the window, the rain pelting the glass like little fingers tapping. “The storm is getting worse.’’  I sit down, the bay window semi-uncomfortable without the cushions. “It's good music weather, it's enjoyable to sit here, listen to the rain, drink tea and just enjoy music.” Justin stands up, turning the electric fireplace on and then sitting with me on the bay window. We both rest our heads on the cool glass, eyes wandering from one another, focusing on each other than something else.
“You know what would be REALLY good?” I look at Justin, him standing up. “What?’’
“Sitting in front of the bay window near the fire.  Being wrapped in blankets and having soup from a mug while watching a movie.’’ I smile, standing up.
“That actually sounds really enjoyable. I'll make the soup, so I'll run downstairs, you can set the other stuff up, okay?’’ Justin nods, getting all red. I hope he doesn’t think this is a date, I wish it
wa- wait what? No I don’t it's just a chill night, that’s all.  I walk past Justin, going downstairs, preparing to make the soup, thinking in my head.
“What is going on in between us?”’


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