Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


7. Seven

I must have dozed off or something since my mind kept on thinking about Justin and he was making tons of noise dragging his suitcases up the stairs. I wonder what he did with all his furniture, I'll ask him about that later probably. Why was I thinking about him? That seems a little strange to dream about someone in a romantic way. Oh right, I forgot to mention that it was all a romance and making out kind of dream. I never in my life experienced that before.
"I just had the strangest daydream in my space out,''  Justin says opening my door and leaning against the bed frame. I swear if its the same one I am going to question our humanity, that would be weird. If we met in person the hallucinations would be gone, right?
"What was it?"
"We made out.'' Oh my god. Nope, our brains are still connected that's making me really uncomfortable, what if he can read my thoughts? I feel violated. Very very much violated. Okay...okay. Troye. Stop jumping to conclusions. "Do you hear that talking? It's sorta muffled, but I made out something around 'our brains still connected'''. I was right, In a semi-formal way, he can hear my thoughts but not make much out of it. Unless he is lying... I swear if he is lying I'm gonna. "Hey Troye, wanna go to the movies? It’s raining and I don't wanna be stuck in the apartment- even tho its huge- all day.''
"Uh sure?" I say in a question, a tad confused on why he randomly burst out with it.

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