Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


9. Nine



The movie started with a naked couple making out in bed. I really wasn't sure what to look at. The naked girl, or the boy. Look at the girl made me uncomfortable and looking at the boy just, made me just, confused I guess. The camera shot of the girl, who was now standing in the middle of the room. The guys in the theatre whistled as if she was actually there, I just looked down at my lap and over to Justin who had a disgusted face. His eyes shot upright as the camera went to the nude man, the guys in the audience ending the catcalls. I find myself looking up at the guy, kind of intrigued. I shake my head. Troye no, you are not attracted to that kind of stuff and you know it. I say to myself while still looking at his body, moving in my seat.
"You okay?" Justin asks, looking over at me. I look back into him, avoiding his eyes but staring at his lips.
"Yeah, this movie is, just has an awkward start.'' He plays with his bottom lip.
"I know right.'' He whispers. "I wasn't expecting that at all. Do you think we are in the right theatre?" I nod, keeping my eyes in the same position, my mouth hung open a little. “You’re gonna catch flies babe.’’ He says while I am just spacing out.
“What?’’ I shake my head.
“I said close your mouth you’re going to catch flies.’’ He looks back at the screen, the horror part finally happening. I'm not sure why they added a random sex scene.”  you think I said something else?”
“Uh no. I was just, spacing out.’’ I say, which was partially true. I was spacing out. I did hear him say something else.  We don’t talk the rest of the way through the movie, we watch the movie, once and a while looking at each other with the “oh my god I'm bored face but let’s just waste time’’
            I sit back in my chair, the movie only halfway through. “Let's get out of here,” Justin says, standing up walking past me. I follow him outside of the theatre “That was the worst horror movie I have ever seen. It looked so different from the trailer.’’ I frown and point up at the movie screening.
“That’s why, the wrong movie.’’ I pause. “This one is the cabin in between us. That one next to it? Is the Cabin in the woods. What kind of movie theatre doesn’t number each theatre screening room and has to titles with ‘Cabin’ in it next to each other?”
“A really bad one?” Justin says, refilling his soda before rejoining me by the exit. “What now? We wasted like an hour, we still have like, 9 hours left in the day.’’
            “I kinda wanna go to guitar centre to look at basses and ukuleles. I have the money to get new ones, the ones that I have are taking a wearing.’’
“Ok,’’ Justin says. “I sold my furniture so I could save up for drums, I have enough left even after that hotel say for a month.’’ He opens the door and I follow behind him. “Is there enough room in your apartment for a drum kit?”
“Justin, just because I call it an apartment doesn’t mean it is one.’’ It's my own house, I just built an additional set of stairs and another door so I could rent out the upstairs, nobody lives there anymore, but they used to.’’ Justin’s face lights up. We walk across the street to save gas since Guitar Centre is right on the corner of the block. “If we are continuing your band why don’t we make ourselves a mini room upstairs. Add a couch, TV and a table. Some food in the fridge and we can make the bedrooms into music rooms! One room for your instruments and the other for recording. We can add padding and put my drum kit in there behind the glass. We can even get recording equipment. We can both pay half of the recording stuff. We can just get the T.V from the guest room and we can get the furniture off of Craigslist.’’ I smile.
“Yeah, I like that idea. Is there enough room in your car?”
“Plenty of room.’’
            ‘’Cool,” I say. “I’ll keep my ukulele and my bass up in the front with me so we have room for everything else.’’ We walk into Guitar Centre and we both walk our own ways. He looks at the drums testing them out. I pick up the ukulele I ordered and buy the bass I had my eye on for the past few years, I hand the Guitar Center employee the extra keys so he can put them in the front seat, he later returns and gives the keys back. Justin does the same. He buys the drums and puts them in the car. “Ok. Let's get recording equipment.’’ The employee helps us get the equipment that's best for us. Getting the best microphones and recording software, which I was surprised that they have since they were not a computer store.
“Your total is 2k even’’ the employee says, Justin and I both taking out our debit cards so we can pay half of both. I used the up the last of my savings. I'll get some money out of my ‘later in life’ savings account to buy anything else we need. It's worth it to spend this kind of money, music is a big part of my life and I wanna take the best of it, not let any of it go to waste.
“You ready to go? Everything is in my car.’’ Justin says, placing his hand on my lower back making me jump a little since I wasn’t expecting it.
"Yeah, let's go.''

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