Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


11. Eleven

“Hey, Justin,” I say, walking to my room, balloons everywhere since, apparently, graduating 8th grade is a HUGE deal. “We can talk you know, my moms out running errands. She said that she’ll be back around 5.’’ Justin appears from the closet, starting off as more a shadow and then fully gaining opaqueness.

    “Okay.” He sits on my bed, playing with a pillow, though it didn’t move off my bed, it moved by., I don’t know how to explain it…..Its like, he grabbed its soul so he can take part in playing with the pillow but the pillow Is...never mind. “So. Pillow fight?’’

“Justin. That’s not gonna work, we are In a mindset...remember.’’  He smirks, standing up, walking over to me.

“Are you sure about that?” He takes his pillow, which has a glow around it, just like him.  He smirks and walks over to me, pillow in his hand, his arm in the air. He takes his arms back and hits me, a soft effect touches my arm. “YOU FELT IT! HAHA, I KNEW THE MINDSET WOULD GET STRONGER OVER THE YEARS!.’’ He yells, once more hitting me.

“Hey hey! Stop that! Stop it!.” I say, him coming to an abrupt stop. His face sinks into a frown before his lips move into processing words, I smack him with a pillow, feathers flying (not a lot) about, Justin’s facial expression turning into his infamous smirk. “I got you back haha.’’ I hit him again with the pillow, him doing the same thing. Josh drops the pillow., his face dropping too. I knew what that meant. I pick up the pillow and the feathers and make it look like I was unpacking my bag.

“Knock, Knock.” My mom says, coming into my room.

“Oh hey, mom. I was just about to call you to see if I could go skating. Just by the bay area for a while.” She purses her lips. “I’ll be back before dark.’’

“Okay.’’ She says nodding her arms folded across her chest. “Just avoid Parkinson street, you know it's not safe.’’ I nod, grabbing my plaid button up and my skateboard.

    “See ya soon mum, love ya,’’ I say, walking past her and thus heading out the front door. The warm summer sun relaxing on my skin, the breeze flapping my shirt as if it was getting rid of any type of sweat that tried to occur while I was standing there. I put on my shades so the glare of the sun doesn’t affect my skating and I step out onto the hot pavement, feeling the heat radiate to me. I place my skateboard down and head off wind feeling, well, amazing on my pale skin. While balancing, I plug my earbuds into my crappy Mp3 player, ACDC playing. I don’t mind other people as I pass them, I stay looking ahead even when a girl waves at me, I could care less. I use my foot to gain momentum and turn down the hill, just realizing I’m on Parkinson street. I shake my head, trying to ignore that thought, I end up at the bottom of the hill, still In high speed when I fly off of my skateboard, my hands going out for protection of my body, my hands getting scraped up and peeled off skin almost immediately. The earbuds that were once in my ears now lay tangled around my board.

“Lookie who it is.” An all too familiar voice says.  My eyes water as I stand up, my knees burning from the impact. “Oh, did we accidentally make you fall? I hope you’re not hurt.’’ The voice laughs, I turn around to see Ryan’s smirk right in my face. I blink quickly so no tears fall, my facial expression staying emotionless. “Woah Woah Woah there Troye don’t get too close to me. I don't want any gay guys up in my face.’’ He shoves me, falling back and hitting the ground, my hands getting even more beat up. I stay seated on the ground and look at my lap.

“I’m not gay…’’ I say silently, him then grabbing the top of my shirt and pulling me upwards, him being a lot stronger than I am.

    “What did you say? Did I hear a lie from your pathetic mouth?’’ He growls, once again, I’m on the ground, this time he tossed me onto my side.  “Did you say what I think you said?” He asks, looking at me, arms crossed, a scowl on his face.

“No…” I said clutching my knees which are bruised and bleeding. “I didn’t say that.’’ Ryan kicks my side.

“Then tell me what I want to hear.” He squats down, his face level with mine. “Come on Johnson I won’t leave you alone till I hear it.’’ I shake my head, only to be pushed over from my sitting position, my shoulder hitting a lamp post. “I’m so glad nobody, like, ever comes on this street.’’ He smirks. “You know why?’’ I refuse to look at him, I continuously shake my head.  “No? Oh because it means I get to get anything out of you.’’ He punches my back, laughing, enjoying the brutality ‘putting me through. “Okay now tell me. What are you?’’


“Come on!” He says, his voice stern.

“I...I'm gay.’’ A pleased smirk spreads across his face, more of a devilish smirk.

“Sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of you whining.’’

“I said I’m gay,” I yell, curling up into a ball tears rolling down my face, my body shaking. The presence of his body near mine goes away, using my peripheral vision I look up to see him hovering over me. He has my skateboard in hand, a smile on his face.

“Have fun getting home Troye.’’ He raises the skateboard above his head, darkness engulfing me.

I scream.



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