Me and Him and a Bit of Music

Troy was always good at his New Years revolutions but in 2018, his resolution was changed.


8. Eight

"What movie was it?" He asks, driving the car out of the driveway, his eyes fixated on the road. 
"Saw'' I reply back waiting for some criticism to hit at me. 
"Really? I see why you were scared, with all the gore, but that movie isn't scary.'' I shake my head, turning myself so I can look at him, instead of my reflection in the mirror. 
"But aren't all horror movies gross and disgusting?" I ask, feeling like it’s an extremely stupid question.  "Oh god no. We're gonna see the cabin in the woods, there might be a small bit of blood if someone like falls but nothing like Saw. Besides, if you get scared, just hold onto me, okay?'' 
"Uhm'' I say. “Okay." He turns on the radio since both of us stopped talking, him really not wanting silence. "So Do you even know how to get there.'' He shakes his head.
"Nope, that's why I have google maps.''  

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