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1. The Radges of the Ridges by Irvin V Kingdom copyrights

Part 3

Mother. She go’s into the front room, “here” what you doing sitting there, you should be out looking for work, you’ve just been fined for stealing, why don’t you go and see if you can steal some work.


I’m going for a interview today, on the fish quay, if you must know.


You don’t go to work, you just go to interviews, how old are you 17 “ 17” and you still can’t hold a job, every job you’ve ever had you were caught stealing, you where you’re going to end up, just like your Da a lazy bastard, I heard that, came a shout from the bedroom, she looks at the bedroom, and puts her two fingers up.

There’s a knock at the door, “Arr” that’ll be your partner in crime, buckled arse Bill, go on get out of my site and try and come back with a job.

Part 4 will follow

Copyrights Irvin V Kingdom.

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