The X-Factor Audition: A Niall Horan Fanfic

Melanie goes to an X-Factor audition with her best friend Sophie. Sophie is the one auditioning but what happens when both Melanie and Sophie are both offered a deal they can't refuse - to be mentored by One Direction! 2 months living with the boys and then they are on their own. What happens when those 2 months are up and Melanie has fallen for one of the boys?


3. PART 3

I looked at Sophie who had a massive grin on her face, I have a feeling she knows whats going to happen. Oh god, please tell me she didn’t tell Niall that I like to sing!

Sophie and I walked back in to the audition to be faced with Niall and SIMON COWELL!!!

“Hi, you must be Melanie, lovely to meet you.” Simon shook my hand while Niall gave me a massive hug. They lead us to a small table in the corner of the room and we sat down. They explained that Sophie had told Niall that I liked to sing, Niall had quickly told Simon and they had come up with a plan.

Simon turned to me and smiled, “When Sophie sent her demo tape in for the audition, she also sent yours in as well.” I turned to Sophie who was still grinning at me. I can’t believe she sent that tape in, the one we had done about a month ago when we were in my bedroom and I was singing ‘Halo’ by Beyonce. We had recorded as a joke - I never expected her to send it!

“The rest of the boys from One Direction and I have been talking and decided that we would like to mentor a singer or singers and I’ve chosen you two.” Niall explained.

“So what do you say?” Simon asked.

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