The X-Factor Audition: A Niall Horan Fanfic

Melanie goes to an X-Factor audition with her best friend Sophie. Sophie is the one auditioning but what happens when both Melanie and Sophie are both offered a deal they can't refuse - to be mentored by One Direction! 2 months living with the boys and then they are on their own. What happens when those 2 months are up and Melanie has fallen for one of the boys?


1. PART 1

Looking around at the thousands and thousands of people sitting in the massive room at the O2, I realised that I was going to be sitting here all day with my best friend Sophie. It was the end of December when Sophie had phoned and screamed down the phone to say that her parents were going to pay for a hotel and transport to London from Scotland so that she could go to an X-Factor audition.

This had been her dream for ages! She asked me to come with her for support. I also love to sing but wasn’t quite ready to audition for the X-Factor myself. So here I was in London with my best friend and I was so excited. Not only to support Sophie, but we’d found out that there was going to be special judge who was also going to perform to all the people waiting to audition.

Just then the blond haired, bye eyes Irish guy stepped onto the stage at the front of the room. Thousands of girls screamed and my heart began to race.

There stood in the middle of the stage was my idol and crush.

Niall Horan.

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