What's It's Like Loving You

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  • Published: 20 Jan 2018
  • Updated: 25 Jan 2018
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I did everything for you.
I thought that what we had was real.

But turns out, you were in it for something else.
Not for me.

I should've known
that you were one of those.

Guess it's all in the past.
But I'll tell you what it's like loving you.
This is a short poem for the A Valentine's Day Writing competition.
I chose to do #1


1. Tears

They meant nothing to you.

They didn't phase you.
They didn't show how badly you hurt me.

Do you even have a heart?
Do you even know what kind of emotions you put me through?

Or are you just that cold?

Maybe you are.
But it doesn't matter.

I know you want to move on to your next victim.
But you're going to listen to what it was like loving you.

And then maybe,
just maybe you'll understand.



This is a new poem I'm doing for the A Valentine's Day Writing competition. Not sure how I'm going to end it, I don't want it to be long though so there will probably be a few chapters and then it's over. If you want, give this story a like and favorite it for an update. Thanks!

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